Sunday, 3 January 2016

2016 Goals

So, where do I start? I can't believe 2015 is over, I decided to have a little break from all social media and blogs for the festive period and spend quality time with family, as some times I find the internet takes over mine and everyones life but now I am inspired once again and thought the best way to start is too look forward into the future year and explain my goals that hopefully at the end of the year I can look back at this post and see if I achieved them.

Post regularly- At the end of last year I made up a schedule of posting every Wednesday and Sunday at 6pm (GMT) and thought 2016 I want to try and keep up with this and stick to it every week.

Reach 500 Bloglovin' Followers- Recently I have found this is the best platform to get more views, and although I don't really care about numbers, I want to feel like I have stepped forward and achieved something with my blog.

Improve my photography- I absolutely love taking photos, but I want them to become better, and hopefully this will improve my blogs quality but also something fun to take a record of my year as I received a photo album for christmas I really want to fill with the whole of my 2016.

Be Healthier- I am sure everyone says this in their new year goals however my lifestyle is terrible, I eat rubbish and do zero exercise, I don't want to diet but I want to improve my health, I don't know how I am going to change yet, but expect a blogpost.

Be more organised- I am the least organised person you could find, everything is a mess and I can never find anything leading to me forgetting or messing things up, whether it be having to rush to do a blogpost, school work or even going places such as remembering appointments.

Stress Less- This ones probably easier said than done however by being more organised I should be able to chill out a bit more but I get so anxious about anything even if its tiny so I am going to try and take time to relax and put things back into proportion.

Be more positive- I am one of those people who always feels inadequate to others, and cares what they think of me so in some senses I want to be more positive about myself but also more positive that I too can achieve things I want and not always feel like I am below others as I am just as capable as them. I also want to feel more positive in situation and not worry about the worst thing that can happen.

Get a job- This is a bit random, but at 16 I feel like I should try and start earning some money, so i build some savings for the future and get some experience.

Start learning to drive- I am 17 in June so this can't happen straight away but I really want to drive, so getting a job will help pay for it as well so more reason to get a job but I want to be well on my way to being able to drive by the end of 2016.

Meet Olly Murs- This is one I know more than likely isn't going to happen but you can't blame a girl for trying.

What are your goals for 2016?

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  1. Being healthier is definitely top of my list of things to do in 2016! x


  2. These are a great list of goals, I really want to improve my health as well as I do no exercise at all and its so bad - I think at home work outs are the way forward!

    Lucy |

    1. Thankyou, I think I may do that too as I don't have time to go out to the gym or something!