Wednesday, 13 January 2016

My Dream MAC Palette

I have been longing over a MAC eyeshadow palette for a very very long time, but can never bring myself to pay £10 per one however after being stuck on a post to write I thought I would share the 15 I would fill my dream palette with.
White Frost - Starting with the basics this is a really bright white with a slight shimmer, which i purely put in because every one needs a white in there palette, but I love mine to have a shimmer to really highlight the inner corners.

Blanc Type - Again a basic, neutral colour, however we should know by now I am all about the neutral shadows! This is a lovely creamy beige which I think would work well as a base and even out the colour of my eyelid.

All That Glitters - I have been looking for this one for a very long time, with it being one of my top 5 of the 15, this again is a beige however with a rose gold glitter and it looks stunning whenever I see anyone wearing it.

Goldmine - I love wearing Gold eyeshadows, I think they really suit my blue eyes and I especially love to wear it in the Autumn and Christmas. I thought this would be great for the inner corners in my  Autumn Makeup Look (link here) as the one i did use has ran out.

Amber Lights - This is probably my favourite of all 15, and as said in the title is a lovely amber colour with a shimmer, again i think this would be perfect in autumn, but also all year round.

Wedge - On the next row is Wedge, again a neutral, surprise surprise! This is a really pale brown which I think would work amazingly as the transition colour in any eye look but also on a minimal makeup day in the crease.

Twinks - This is another brown but with a slight plum undertone, as again i really like the look of plum shades on my eyes but I think this would also be great for deepening the crease.

Swiss Chocolate- Ooh look another brown! I promise they are all different. This has a reddish undertone (see different!) I don't really know what the purpose this has in my palette other than i quite like it, and thats enough of an excuse for me.

Beauty Marked - Originally I put Cranberry in this place however I decided that it was too red so i settled for a dark purple as I love a good purple. I thought this would be nice in the outer corner of my eye.

Fig. 1 - Again this is a purple colour but this time its a very vibrant purple, I may be mad putting this in and may look like an idiot when i wear it however I quite like it.

Woodwinked - Yet another brown but this time on the gold side, and I think it looks very pretty on the eyes especially blue eyes which swayed me into giving this beauty a little spot in my palette.

Charcoal Brown - I put this in purely as I think it would be a good match for my eyebrows being both a matte shade and not having any red undertones in. I find using shadow is the best for my brows so why not spoil myself with a mac one.

Satin Taupe - There is a huge hype about this in the beauty blogging world and to be honest I don't think a palette is complete without a Taupe colour so why not try this one.

Knight Divine- This is a grey/ silver colour and probably the only one of the 15 I have never seen in real life however I really like to do a grey smokey eye on a evening out so chose this as I hoped it would do the job.

Carbon - Lastly I have a matte black perfect for the crease of a smokey eye or in the act of eyeliner, again I think this is an essential for any palette.

So thats my perfect MAC palette I hope you liked this post as I haven't seen one similar but liked the idea.
What's your favourite Mac Shadow?

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  1. All these shades look so pretty! I would never know where to start if I was to get some MAC eye-shadows they all look so pretty! Lovely post as always x