Sunday, 28 February 2016

6 Sites I use most as a Blogger

Recently I have been really getting into improving my blog, by sharing, supporting other blogs and designing my own so I thought I would share my top websites that I think have been helping my blog grow that fellow bloggers might find useful to know about. 

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Bloglovin' - I have had Bloglovin' since I started blogging but never really used it but recently I have found it amazing. It's great to get your blog noticed through followers having a notification about your newest post but also to find out about new blogs you wouldn't usually find, I always leave a comment and a lot of the time you meet great new people.

Twitter- I'm sure everyone knows what Twitter is, but if you're a blogger and don't have it, GET IT! It's probably the best platform to share a blogpost and you can join in chats with other bloggers, I have learnt so many new things from talking to other bloggers, but also find most of my traffic comes from there.
Blogging websites for bloggers, sharing, bloglovin, twitter, pintrest, carrie loves, picmonkey, instagram, improve blogger traffic, get more blog views, how to

PicMonkey- This is a picture editing website, I only use the free version but that is enough for me. I edit all my photos here as it has the usual features such as changing contrast, brightness etc. but also can add text and overlays so is completely versatile from slightly editing to changing a picture completely. However this is also amazing for Blogger headers or any other things that need designing. I have used PicMonkey for everything from my header to the little heart around the title. 

Carrie Loves- This is a life saver if you aren't very good with html's, css's and whatever other complicated blogger codes you can find. I love this as I hate the usual blogger designs that are supplied as they are so generic and never seem to look personal no matter how much you change the fonts and colours. So this site has loads of codes for virtually anything you may want to do with your blog. I have found every html works so I never personally worry about ruining the whole html of my blog as that could be a disaster.  

Instagram- This is another site I'm sure we have all heard of, this again is great to share posts and people who read your blog can keep up to date with what your doing, I am always sharing photos whether its from what I'm doing at that time or pictures from my blog I find it really fun and great to communicate with others.

Pintrest- I go through phases of being a Pintrest addict, but then months can go by where I never go on it. Its great for ideas for posts such as Beauty Hacks, Recipes and keeping up to date with makeup and fashion trends. Its also great to pin your own photos from your blog to Pinterest so people if they like the picture can be directed to your blog to read your post, this is another site where I gain quite a lot of traffic so I really advise setting up an account but I warn you, its addictive.

What site's do you use most as a blogger?


Sunday, 21 February 2016

Chewy Fudge Cookie Recipe

Theres one thing I love to eat more than cookies and thats fudge so there seemed nothing better when I found this recipe, I changed it up a bit to make it more chewy instead of hard like a biscuit and added in the chocolate because lets be real who doesn't love chocolate! 
They may just be my new favourite thing so here's the recipe!
Easy Chewy & Gooey Fudge and Chocolate Cookie Recipe
200g Caster Sugar
190g Self Raising Flour
Pinch of Salt
80g Butter
1 Egg
2tsp Milk 
40g Fudge Chunks
40g Milk Chocolate Chip

Easy Chewy & Gooey Fudge and Chocolate Cookie Recipe
Firstly I weighed all the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl except the fudge and chocolate and stirred them together.

I then added the softened butter and rubbed together after this I added in egg which I had whisked with the milk.

I mixed this altogether but before it fully combined as a dough I put the fudge and chocolate pieces in, I then made sure these were distributed throughout the dough and divided into 12 pieces.

I made these 12 pieces into a balls and placed them onto 2 grease and lined baking tray allowing enough space to spread.

I then cooked these for about 10-12 minutes at 190℃ (170℃ fan assisted/ Gas Mark 5)

So the last thing to say is...


Easy Chewy & Gooey Fudge and Chocolate Cookie Recipe


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Top 5 Eyeliners

I can't remember the last time I went a day without wearing eyeliner, whether I am winging it or smudging it, if you see me I will be wearing it so I decided to compile my favourite five to share with you.

Rimmel Scandaleyes was one of the first eyeliners I ever bought in my juvenile days where my eyeliner was terrible, i don't know when I thought it was a good idea to line the whole of my eye and leave white patches at my lash line! Besides this I have continued to use this eyeliner and repurchased it numerous times as it is amazing to line your tight line and works really well to smudge out for a smokey look. It is a waterproof formula so has to be worked with quickly but once its in place it won't budge. It is also a very black black which I love as I find with many drugstore eyeliners they can be a bit on the grey side.

Bare minerals Big and Bright Eyeliner in Espresso I bought ready for the spring, as it will be perfect to smudge instead of Black when I want a more fresh faced makeup look, the formula of these are so smooth and creamy making them perfect to smudge or blend but I find it stay puts all day, I have been thinking about getting this in black as well as I just love the formulation so much and is probably my favourite pencil eyeliner. A bonus for this is that it twists when more product is needed so if I ever forget my sharpener when travelling (which always happens) its fine!

 Next up is the L'Oreal Liner, this is a recent addition to my makeup collection after seeing Lucy from Lucy and Lydia rave about it. It is a super slim nib making it perfect for a less dramatic look but I find is harder to use if you want a very bold, dramatic wing. I particularly like this just to do a very thin line on the top of my eyelid to make my lashes look fuller as it is so precise. I find this is very smudge proof which is great as if you ever get watery eyes it doesn't start to smudge.

The Collection Extreme Eyeliner is the most budget friendly at around £3 and the one I would recommend if you have never done eyeliner before and want to learn to wing it out, as it can give a very precise wing with the small tip but also can be built up as the nib gets quite fat towards the bottom. I find this can smudge a bit if your skin around your eyes is a bit oily however if your skin specifically around the eyes is normal/ dry it should be fine.

Lastly I have my holy grail eyeliner for winged eyeliner and its the Soap and Glory Supercat, I bought this as my first pen eyeliner after hearing so many good reviews and it lived up to and past all expectations, its so quick and easy to use, lasts all day and doesn't smudge. Its also only £6 so is easy on the bank as well!

What's your favourite eyeliner?

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

MAC vs Rimmel Lipstick Dupes

I am a confirmed lipstick addict! Highstreet or Highend if it looks pretty I have to have it but recently I noticed a lot of my Rimmel Kate lipsticks matched up to a few of my MAC ones leading to this very post!
Highend and Drugstore, Mac and Rimmel. Mac Rebel dupe Rimmel Kate 30 Mac Girl about Town dupe Rimmel Kate Moss 20 Mac Relentlessly Red dupe Rimmel kate moss 110
Mac Rebel highend Lipstick swatch vs Rimmel kate Moss 30 drugstore lipstick dupe

Starting off with my current favourite due to the Winter season is Mac Rebel and Kate 30 I bought the Rimmel one at the very start of Autumn and wore it virtually everyday and was completely in love with the colour, I then bought Rebel purely based on the popularity and when I went to put it on I realised just how similar the colours are. Rebel is a Satin finish so is quite moisturising compared to a Matte finish whilst 30 is also a creamy formula it can be quite drying but doesn't quite last as long as Rebel. Colour wise in swatches Rebel has slight purple undertones whilst the Rimmel one is more on the Red side however when on the lips they are nearly inseparable in colour and finish. I would definitely recommend getting the Rimmel Lipstick if unsure about whether the colour will suit you however based on the longevity Rebel is definitely worth splashing out a bit more for.

MAC Girl about town highend lipstick swatch vs rimmel kate moss 20 lipstick dupe
My Summer go to colour is bright pink and have thousands all of a similar shade to MAC's Girl About Town as previously this was just going to be a MAC vs Drugstore post however the closest match was definitely Kate Moss 20 consequentially meaning all these lipsticks were not only Rimmel but Kate Moss's collection. These are completely identical apart from the obvious price tag difference of £10 pounds, the colour is the same with maybe Girl About Town being slightly more vivid, the pigmentation is equally brilliant whilst both seem to last around the same time. So overall I would recommend the Rimmel Kate Moss as it is the cheaper option for something exactly the same.

MAC Relentlessly red Highend lipstick swatch vs Rimmel Kate Moss 110 Drugstore dupe lipstick
Not only do Mac and Rimmel match virtually in colour they are both matte finishes. 110 is slightly more orangey toned than Relentlessly Red which is slightly pinkier which I do prefer. However 110 goes on a lot smoother than Relentlessly Red as shown by the swatch where as Relentlessly Red can go a tiny bit patchy and is harder to apply however it definitely lasts a lot longer as I wore it for Prom with a clear lipgloss over the top and I did not have to top it up once. If you prefer a easier application Rimmel wins however for the pigmentation, longevity and also you bare to take a bit more time on lipstick application then Relentlessly Red is the way forward.

So overall if you have been longing for a MAC lipstick for some amazing dupes I really rate Rimmel Kate range which together make my favourite Highend and Lowend Lipsticks.