Sunday, 27 March 2016

March Favourites!

Its monthly favourites time! I haven't done one of these for so long, I never even did a end of year favourites my favourite post of the year and I missed it out however I am back at it again and should have one every month so before this post is hella long here we go!

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Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - I have been using this virtually everyday since around January so its fair to say I have gave it a very good trial and I have just loved it so much and would probably rate it above MAC's Pro-longwear Foundation it has an amazing coverage and doesn't break me out I then bought a replacement which has a red lid, for full coverage, I find this is a bit heavy so I am still testing this out however I really recommend getting the white lid with medium coverage as its a lot more light weight on the skin but still good coverage.

L'Oreal Super Thin Liner- I put this in my Top 5 Eyeliners post a few weeks ago and I have nearly ran out as I have used it so much I have been loving doing a thinner wing so this has been perfect, it has also lasted really well without me having to top it up, its also black which if you are an eyeliner addict like me you will understand where I am coming from as so many drugstore eyeliners are like a dark grey which is so annoying!

The Body Shop Blusher- I bought this on a spur of the moment whilst The Body Shop had a 3 for 2 and didn't know what to pick up, at only £8 I was very very impressed, it is really pigmented so I only use the tiniest amount. I find it lasts a lot longer than a lot of other blushers I have tried and gives a lovely healthy glow to my cheeks but please excuse the massive nail mark which I did literally just before I took the photo #bloggerfail. 

MAC's Mehr Lipstick- I had been wanting a nude MAC lipstick as I was yet to own one and had been looking at this one for a while and put off buying it but I love it and is probably my favourite I own, its a matte finish so lasts an incredibly long time and the colour suits my skin tone perfectly, giving me the my lips but better look.

OGX Coconut Water - My hair was in terrible condition at the beginning of the year from over straightening not using the right products and generally not looking after it properly but I am very proud to say I rescued it without having little more than an inch cut off and I think this has defiantly helped I have used it possibly everyday since I bought it in mid January, I use about three squirts throughout my hair before I blow dry my hair then another two squirts every morning before styling, I have become a little bit addicted to spraying it with the gorgeous smell and how soft my hair feels, it also doesn't weigh my hair down which is great as my hair is quite long and fine so product often pulls it down. I also find my hair doesn't get greasy which often happens with products that add moisture.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask - I have used this on and off for about a year, I used to buy the individual sachets but they stopped selling these a few months ago but I had put off buying it as £10 easily got spent on something else leaving me with no money so when I got this for Christmas in my stocking I was excited to start using it, I have used it once a week in rotation with various other ones but I always go back to this one, it has really helped clear my skin up but I still need to get rid of small bumps so if anyone has any recommendations I would love to know. This helps get rid of impurities out of pores and also dries up spots and I can tell so much difference in my skin if I don't use this.

Love Tanya - This month I didn't really feel like reading a proper book so I decided to start reading this, I am so late to the hype of reading it but its so good, the tips in it are amazing and the recipes are gorgeous, its made me so excited for her baking book! I would defiantly recommend making a cheeky purchase especially if makeup, hair and skincare is new to you. 

Pancakes- Now this is a very weird one but I have been loving pancakes with greek yoghurt, berries and a drizzle of honey on top for breakfast, it is so good!

TV Shows - This month I have been really getting into watching a few series' the first one being Thirteen about a girl who has been kidnapped for thirteen years and they are on a search to find her kidnapper, it is currently on BBC iPlayer if you fancy catching up, if you like the Broadchurch type of series I think you will love this as its filmed in the same sort of way but with a kidnapping instead of murder. I have also been loving The A Word about a young boy who's parents discover he has autism, i think its such a good programme and so interesting, I am also hoping it brings more awareness, so people don't just see people with it as 'weird'.

Music - This month I have been loving Jake Quickendens new songs Blindfold and Can't Stand The Rain, if you haven't listened to them go and do it, they are tunessss! There also quite emotional about his brother who died, but I am sure he would be proud of him and Jake needs all the support he can get so go listen and download because I love him!

What have you been loving this month?



  1. I really want to try Macs mehr, it looks like s stunning shade. X


    1. Its my fave MAC lipstick! Hope you liked the post x

  2. You might want to try the Rimmel Match Perfection with Blurring Effect foundation! It's my absolute favorite. It has buildable coverage, flawless finish, and it's not heavy on the face. It's very affordable as well!


    1. I have tried that, it used to be one of my favourite foundations but they changed the formula and i find it doesn't lasts all day on my skin as my skins quite oily i was very disappointed! The Lasting Finish gives a very similar effect to the old match perfection. x

  3. Love this!! I am so in love with The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask. Its amazing.