Sunday, 12 June 2016

25 Things That Make Me Happy!

I was stuck for ideas of what to post and recently I have felt very, shall we say content with life so to share my positivity I thought I would leave the beauty posts to one side for one Sunday and share my little joys of happiness!

1. Wait for it... The cliche... Family and Friends- How could they not be mentioned!
2. Accomplishment
3. The smell of new books 
4. New Makeup
5. Perfect Winged Eyeliner
6. Quite, idyllic places
7. Beaches
8. Puppies 
9. Or any other small fluffy animal on that note
10. Concerts
11. Shopping 

12. Baking
13. Snuggling up with a warm drink and film
14. Pizza
15. Doughnuts- ok I need to stop on the food front, lets be real I just love food ok!
16. The Summers Sun
17. Freshly painted nails
18. Olly Murs' face
19. An unused lipstick
20. Blogging
21. Flowers
22. Pretty Photos and Looking back at old ones of myself, family and friends with happy memories
23. Wandering around a new place with no aim just exploring
24. Matching underwear - c'mon girls we all love it!
25. Relaxing

What makes you happy?



  1. Baking, pizza, blogging, puppies?? We're practically twins!!! ;)

    Edye | Http://

  2. Love this! Shopping and new makeup make me happy too :-) blogging, my cats, exercising, sleeping in all make me so happy!!


  3. I agree with loads of these things especially doughnuts and new makeup !! Great post! X