Thursday, 16 June 2016

The Lipstick I Can't Stop Wearing | YSL

I am obsessed! I received this a week ago for my birthday from my lovely friend and I cannot get over how bloody brilliant it is!

First of all can we appreciate the beauty of the packaging from this alone you can just tell its going to be something special! I had longed for one for a very long time however £26 was just that little bit too much for me to splurge onto myself so when I opened it I was completely shocked and very grateful.

On to the actual product, the colour is gorgeous and such a 'me' colour, a bright pink but on the more red side, it also looks a lot redder in the bullet than when on the lips. I have also been loving a matte lip so this was perfect and I had nothing like it in my collection despite it being a favourite all round before I had even tried it. Even though it is matte it goes on smoothly and doesn't dry my lips out. 

Now onto why I can't stop wearing it not only is the colour gorgeous its the longevity which really stood out for me as the colour lasts all day and when i say all day I mean it, I actually have to physically remove it at the end of the day. Although the actual lipsticks brightness lasts about half a day it leaves a gorgeous stain across the lips so if your like me and always forget to reapply or just can't be bothered a lipstick like this is perfect as I hate it when it wears off especially if its uneven and leaves a line around the lip which is the bain of my life eurgh!

So overall I don't think I have actually tried a lipstick any better and is perfect for the current season!



  1. Lovely post! This lipstick sounds incredible! X