Sunday, 26 June 2016

Top Products Your Skin Needs This Summer | Smooth & Tanned

Now it's summer like most others as the sun is out its time to get a bit more skin out and although I never worry too much if I am a bit too pale or anything like that I do go through a few steps that I find help my bod look the best it can be including the hair removal, scrubs, creams and self-tan that save me through summer as no matter what size or shape I think these products make anyone feel confident.

Hair Removal
Personally, I am a big fan of epilating as it doesn't have to be done as regularly as shaving which is great as I find it such a chore and I also find hairs grow back a lot finer. Although this hurts a LOT the first time, after a bit your skin builds up a pain thresh hold and gets used to it meaning now I can't even really feel anything at all, however, it does take perseverance to not constantly wish to go back to shaving in those first agonising moments.

Scrubs by Soap and Glory, I think have to be the best scrubs in the drugstore, I love so many of them but by far The Breakfast scrub is my all time favourite! It smells like biscuits, and is quite sweet but also has undertones of fruit so isn't too sickly, I use this about once a week on elbows, knees e.t.c. especially before fake tanning as it makes my skin feel extremely smooth. 

Sun Cream
Although we all love the thought of getting a tan, it's very bad for the skin so I can never be without suncream when the sun comes out. I don't burn and it takes a lot for me to tan which I find quite strange so it took me a while to get into the routine of using a sun cream however it is a very important thing to remember. I still don't seem to remember it as I forgot to take a photo of it oops! #bloggerfail.

Fake Tan
So as I said earlier most of us love the thought of a tan and what's better than the safer option of fake tan, personally I am not a big fan of instant tanners as I have fears of looking like an orange so I stick to gradual tans, the L'Oreal Summer Glow Lotion is my personal favourite at the moment as it gives a subtle tan that builds up over a week to the perfect natural colour but also has a slight shimmer making a lovely healthy glow to the skin.

I hate feet, they just never look nice but never the less we still have to look after the little things, I recently got the Scholl Foot Buffer thing (can't remember the name sorry!) which just makes the feet a lot smoother although it was expensive at around £40 I hate the feeling of rough hard skin so this is perfect. To follow this I use yet another Soap and Glory product *surprise surprise* Heel Genius which keeps my feet really soft and for that reason, I can get through the feeling of it on my feet as it's really slimy which I know some people would hate so bear that in mind but I love the soft feeling in the morning after leaving it on my feet all night



  1. Lovely post! I love the look of the Loreal summer glow lotion! X


  2. I absolutely love the Soap and Glory scrubs - this one and Sugar Crush are my must-haves :)

    Claire | Vanity Claire xx

    1. They are great however i must say I'm not a big fan of the sugar crush smell!

  3. I love Soap and Glory but have never tried this scrub -I'll try and check it out soon.

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