Sunday, 3 July 2016

June Favourites!

We are halfway through the year! Is this for real? Time has flown by, but it means here is my monthly favourites, I decided not to make it too makeup heavy as recently all I seem to have done is talk about my favourite makeup products when I do love a lot of other things however never fear for all you beauty lovers I have included some new discoveries! 
Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in Sable- I always go back to this in the Summer and this year is no different, it is perfect the fresh faced look as it isn't as heavy as a black eyeliner but can be used in the same way, I like to smudge it out around my eye as it makes a simple makeup look, look as if a lot of effort has been put in.

NYX Proof It Mascara- Summer is the worst time of year for my eye makeup as I end up with it all transferred under my eyes and it is really not a good look but some of my favourite mascaras don't have a waterproof option nor do I want to go out and buy waterproof doubles of them all so this has solved the problem, it is a clear top coat which locks in the mascara underneath and can be used with any mascara so if you have the same problem as me or just need something for when by the pool on holiday at £5.50 I would really recommend this.

The Body Shop Lip Scrub- I have always loved the Lush Lip Scrub but there are hardly any lush shops near where I live so when my last one ran out I decided to give this a go instead. It is a lot more travel-friendly having the product in stick form rather than virtually sugar in a pot however when on the lips it leaves a white/ green residue which means it has to be washed off otherwise is a bit sticky whereas the lush one sort of wore off and tasted a lot nicer, however, this exfoliates my lips much better and is only £8 and I can tell will last me an incredibly long time.

Nivea Day Cream- I wrote a post on my skincare routine a while back (link here) but I didn't include a moisturiser as I didn't believe I had found one that really did anything for my skin with some even making my skin worse, however, this cream is lovely. It has SPF so perfect for summer and is great underneath makeup as it is super light but makes my face feel more awake.

No7 Makeup Brush Cleanser- This is the first makeup brush cleanser I have ever used as I used to use Baby Shampoo a very cheap and cheerful alternative, however, this is so much easier for a quick clean. I squirt this onto some tissue then I just swirl the brushes in the solution and rinse under the tap and they are done! I wouldn't use this to deep clean my brushes, however, we all know that struggle when we don't have one million different eyeshadow brushes, we use a black eyeshadow and the following day you want to use gold but the brush is dirty so this just solves the problem as this is so much quicker than using warm soapy water and taking ages washing. This also leaves my brushes feeling soft and as good as new!

My Hair- Okay, this isn't as vain as you might think but I have been obsessed with my hair after dying the ends blonde, it's sort of ombre, sort of balayage, sort of highlights I'm not quite sure I literally showed my hairdresser and told her to work her magic and I love it. Head over to my Instagram (shameless self-promo) if you fancy taking a look.

Halter Neck Tops- I have been living in these so far this Summer and have more than anyone should need. I especially love the ones from Miss Selfridge as they aren't too expensive but such good quality whilst the prints are so pretty. They also look super cute with highwaisted jeans or skirts.

Always With Love- I absolutely love Giovanna Fletcher's work, where I fell in love with it in Billy and Me (review here) so when the sequel came out I was very excited as I loved the characters and the whole story is so heartwarming and light-hearted yet addictive. I couldn't put this down and I would very much recommend you read this. It would also be such a good holiday read!

Cadburys Medley- Last but not least this chocolate bar is making me seriously unhealthy as I can sit and eat so much of it. I love chocolate especially when there is something in it and what's better than fudge?! It also has biscuit pieces and dark chocolate chips. The combo is literally to die for.

What have you been loving this month?



  1. Lovely post! That Nyx mascara sounds so good and I need a new book to read so I might pick up Always with love! Arghh that chocolate bar sounds so yummy! X


  2. Lovely post! That top is so pretty and you can never go wrong with a bit of chocolate especially if it's cadburys!! Xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. Billy and Me is on my review list so good to know the second book is also worth a read.

  4. That chocolate looks SO good!! I wish they sold that kind in America :(

    Edye | Http://

    1. Aw! You are missing out! I'm sure you have some chocolate I wish the UK had x