Thursday, 7 July 2016

My Perfect Palette | MAC Amber Times Nine Review

I have wanted a MAC palette for as long as I can remember, everytime I went in store I would long for a hundred and one shades but I always put it off, mainly due to the fact they are bloody expensive in the UK and I wasn't entirely sure I would love them or maybe I would get fed up of collecting them as a ready made palette is just easier... Or is that just lazy? Anyway as soon as I saw this palette as a new release I knew it was the one to buy especially when it was knocked down from £30 to £25 how could I go wrong? 

The Shades (left to right):
Cozy Grey 
Georgia Peach
Rice Paper 
Creative Copper
Don't Tell
Pepper Please
This is a perfect collection of shades that I love with a great mix of frosts, shimmers an matte finishes. Overall they are very warm toned (which I love!) especially the middle row which has to also be my favourite trio of shades. I feel as if I can create any look from a natural day time, to an evening look meaning it is perfect to travel with however I do wish that there was a mirror!

On another note I'm not quite sure why this palette is called 'Amber' as it strikes me as more gold or copper however thats just me being slightly over picky! The longevity of the shadows on the eyes is everything you could ask for whilst the pigmentation of the matte shades means I only need the slightest amount whilst the shimmers are buildable with no fall out and even more amazing if used with a damp brush. This palette seems to have endless combinations of colours which are all extremely wearable leading to me being completely obsessed over this palette!



  1. I love the range of colours on that palette!

  2. This palette looks so nice! It has a great range of brown and gold toned shades! Thanks for the review! X