Sunday, 10 July 2016

Travel Makeup Bag

 As we are in the holiday-ing time of year I thought I would do some travelling post beginning with something I always read on other people's blogs otherwise I feel as if I lose my way and over pack a LOT! I always pack everything but the kitchen sink in every possible way with something for every eventuality but making it small enough so I don't need a separate suitcase for my makeup  (slight exaggeration).


Tea Tree Pore Minimiser - This is my all time favourite face primer, it makes my makeup last incredibly well and makes makeup application so much smoother. It also helps fight/ protect from blemishes.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - This is my perfect summer foundation as it is very lightweight but still gives the coverage I need whilst not being matte but not quite dewy which is perfect for my ever so oily skin.

Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer - I don't like to put too much face makeup on whilst on holiday and tend to let my skin 'breathe' however this is perfect for highlighting and under eyes.

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder - I bet your all sick of me talking about this powder as I just never use anything else as this is just perfect! It keeps my makeup matte all day which is perfect especially if you are going to a place with a warmer climate.

Sleek Face Form Kit - When on holiday as I said previous I try to pack everything in the smallest way possible and a trio palette is a perfect way to save space, this one from sleek is my favourite as it's a great bronzer, highlight and blush at a very affordable price with excellent pigmentation.

MAC Amber Times Nines Palette - If you want a better look or review of this palette I will link it HERE. I bought this as a little 'birthday treat' (that's what I keep telling myself it was anyway)! It has a beautiful collection of gold and brown tones and makes so many variations of day and evening looks.

Soap and Glory Supercat Eyeliner - All time favourite eyeliner! Perfect for just lining the eyes or doing a wing, this doesn't smudge or wear off throughout the day and is the eyeliner I reach for on a daily basis.

Rimmel Kohl Eyeliner in Sable - I love this for the summer as it gives a softer smokey look to my eye makeup which I absolutely love with a gold or pink eye. This is so blendable and lasts quite a long time on the lid but I wouldn't recommend for waterlines.

Soap and Glory Archery - Even though I do prefer a powder to fill in my brows, there just isn't enough room for another palette especially if it means I might have to sacrifice a lip product for it so I always opt for a pencil, this is my personal favourite even though the new Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil is a very close competitor.

Benefit Ready Set Brow - This is one of Benefit's newest releases and is an amazing eyebrow gel keeping my eyebrows in place to prevent unruly hairs and means makeup lasts even longer on the brows when using this which is a must in the summer.


Rimmel Kate Moss 01 - As my favourite drugstore lip products I always take one on holiday, this is my perfect red lipstick as it has slight undertones of berry and is perfect for the evening all year round. 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Milan - As my more nude shade (if you haven't guessed I take a red, nude and pink) I chose this as its moisturising even though it is matte and lasts and incredibly long time for a drugstore liquid lipstick. The colour is perfect especially for a tan. 

YSL Matte Lipstick - This has become my Summer Staple Lipstick and brightens up any makeup look and really makes my lips pop, it's probably not a shade for those of you who aren't very adventurous but oh my, I love it! I wrote a full review (HERE) if you want any more info.

What's in your travel makeup bag?



  1. You always choose such lovely palettes.

    1. Thank you! I always love my pink and gold shadows!

  2. Great pics! some of my all time favourites in there :) especially the Stay Matte (must have bought at least 15 of those now) and that YSL lipstick looks like a great shade for the summer. x

    Liv | Ramblings of a Makeup Lover

    1. Stay matte is my holy grail, I have bought loads too! and it really is, hope you enjoyed the post!

  3. Lovely post! That sleek face palette looks so nice and so does the Tea tree primer! I love the Nyx soft matte lip creams, Milan is such a pretty colour! X


  4. Love that MAC palette! Such pretty shades xx

    Edye | Http://

  5. I pack way too much when I go on holiday! I love the idea of packing a red, a nude and a pink lip product x

    1. So do I! and yes that tip is very handy for not overpacking! x

  6. Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer is everything x I've been using it for such a long time now. Also, great picks! I love all these products :)