Wednesday, 31 August 2016

August Favourites!

Summer is now over like what?! Time has flown and next week I will be returning to school after a 3 month holiday and I am so not ready! However, every cloud has a silver lining because I have another favourites post which I absolutely love writing even though I don't have many this month.
Rimmel Match Perfection Loose Powder - I have been really enjoying baking beneath my eyes as I have gone out quite a lot and haven't wanted the makeup to just fall off my face due to the warmer weather whilst it gives a much more flawless look to the skin, seen as this is my first loose powder I haven't got anything to compare it too but I am very happy with this!

Benefit Dew The Hoola - Another new type of product I had never tried this month is a liquid bronzer so when I received this sample I was very excited plus the fact I had seen so many good reviews on this, I just put this in all places that are usually bronzed and it gives such a healthy, sunkissed glow that has been perfect for Summer. I also used it in my Nude, Bronzed Makeup Look (see here)

Real Techniques Buffing Brush - I have had this brush for a very long time but only recently loved it, it makes applying foundation so much quicker and still gives a really nice finish. Real Techniques are also so affordable but sadly this only comes in the core collection which is a shame as this brush will probably need replacing long before the others, due to the amount I use it.

Mitchum Powder Fresh Deodorant- Okay, this might be weird to put a deodorant in a favourites post but seriously this stuff is brilliant as I find most deodorants rarely work very well whether it be the smell is unappealing or  need topping up all the time (not that i'm even an overly sweaty person) but this is amazing however I'm not acctually sure what else to say about a deodrant aha!

Pandora Ring - I have loved Pandora for quite a while and this ring recently made a new addition to my collection and I have loved it, I have virtually wore it everyday and is so subtle and delicate yet lovely and everytime I buy a new one it just makes me want more.

Behind Closed Doors  - This is a contempary psychological thriller about a woman and her husband that appear 'normal' to the outside world but behind closed doors its a whole different story, if you like a good plot twist and gripping story line this is defiently for you as I was addicted eventhough it is sort of a psycho and scares the hell out fo me that this could acctually happen.

What have you been loving this month?



  1. I love trying out loose powders and that Rimmel one sounds great- definitely going to try it! x


  2. Hope you're all ready for back to school. Love the sound of the Rimmel powder.

    1. I just don't want summer to be over! And yes its so good x

  3. I tried a small sample of Dew the Hoola and I loved it! I'm really interested in the full size. Behind Closed Doors sounds intriguing, kind of like a Gillian Flynn book x

    1. I just bought Gone Girl so I hope it is the same kind of thing, thanks for stopping by lovely x