Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Highend Products Worth The Splurge

 Before making a high-end purchase I do some serious research on whether it will be right for me and the majority of the time end up loving them whilst some I still regret purchasing however, I thought I would share the ones I would repurchase time and time again that are completely worth the hefty price tag.
Benefit Hoola Bronzer (£23.50)- I had been longing for this since I first started getting into makeup but only recently got it in June ready for the Summer and instantly fell in love with it as the perfect bronze and subtle contour along with being the perfect colour for my ghostly pale skin. The brush is also the perfect size and shape to fit in the hollows of my cheeks.

Bare Minerals Big and Bright Eyeliner (£15)- I have this in Espresso which is a lovely brown colour perfect for smudging beneath the eye for a smoky look. It lasts all day and has amazing pigmentation and makes my eyes pop which I absolutely love!

Clinique Mascara (£17) - I have had this mascara for ages but I only recently started using it regularly as the perfect bottom lash mascara it is the only thing I can use which doesn't transfer and flake beneath my eyes. It separates and lengthens but doesn't add much volume which is perfect for my bottom lashes as its more natural.

Stila Eyeshadow (£12) - This is a bit pricey for a single eyeshadow however I can't even express how brilliant the quality and pigmentation is, mine is in the shade 'Puppy' which is the perfect brown shade for a natural look or a transition shadow for heavier makeup looks. This lasts an incredibly long time even without a primer and definitely, deserves more of a hype around the brand in general.

YSL Rouge Pur Couture The Mats (£26) - This is another thing I have wanted for an extremely long time but the price made it a bit of an investment that I couldn't bring myself to make so when my lovely best friend bought it me for my birthday excited was an understatement. Mine is in the shade 208 which is very bright but beautiful pink shade which isn't for someone who is nervous about wearing out their lipsticks, but I will wear anything. The matte formula is so comfortable on the lips and not at all drying and lasts all day without topping up and wears off evenly so you don't end up with that horrible line around your lips. Although it's an investment it's completely worth it and I can see why it's so much more money along with the gorgeous packaging.

MAC Lipstick (£15.50)- I know virtually everyone reading this will have heard or owned the famous MAC Lipsticks so I won't go on too much but I realise not everyone is going to pay £26 for a YSL one so thought it best to include it as I am forever longing for another shade on my wishlist but they really are amazing quality, pigmentation, and lasting power.

What are your favourite high-end products?



  1. Love the Hoola bronzer and MAC lipsticks of course! Stila makes some of my favorite eyeshadows but I haven't tried any of the singles x

  2. I love that lipstick shade.

  3. Love Hoola bronzer so much! Great post :) x