Sunday, 14 August 2016

Memories in Photographs

I take A LOT of photo's whether it be for my blog, family, friends or just anything that looks pretty but I find they all just get discarded into a long lost file on my laptop and I never look through them compared to when I was younger and used one of those little cameras with a film, remembering the excitement when they got developed and I got to see what brilliant photos (and also the fails when the tops of people's heads were cut off) that me and my family had managed to take before filing them in a photo album.

So recently I thought why not do it again, and off I went to Boot's to print off the best photo's of the whole of the last year and there was way more than I expected. In total, I got them all for £7 which I thought was fairly reasonable compared to the effort of printing them at home. So far it has been something I have really enjoyed, writing by the side what and where they are. It works for me like a diary for others but more visual which I much prefer.

I really recommend starting one to share with family and friends, passing it around reliving the wonderful, happy memories or just to look back at all of the amazing things you have done because before I did this I felt I hadn't really done anything in the year but it made me remember the small things.

I am really enjoying collecting these little snaps and storing them in one place and have completed another thing from my bucket list (see here) , I would love to know if you do anything to store memories in the comments below.



  1. This is so cute - I've also started a photo album this year, I think theres something so special about having photos printed out!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. This looks so pretty. Such a lovely keepsake too. It looks like you have created and captured some beautiful memories. I remember the good old days of photographs in a yellow or green rectangle case after they'd just been developed! Very best wishes.

    Keep Calm and Start Writing ~

  3. This is such a lovely idea.

  4. Yes!! I'm all about printing out photos and sticking them in photo albums! I'm obsessed with documenting my life & photography had always been a big passion of mine xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. I don't know why I hadn't started on earlier! x

  5. Beautiful :) visiting from Malaysia.

  6. Love this! Great job on creating this post.

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