Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Perfect Eyebrow Combo

When it comes to eyebrows I love them to be filled in but never really ever went out to buy products as I would always head for the pretty lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes rather than plain brow products but recently I went and bought a few things to update my collection leading to me finding the perfect brow combo which I absolutely love!

The Rimmel Brow This Way Wax and Powder is only £3.99 from Boots and it's perfect it can be made to look as natural or fake as you want, I personally go quite strong with the wax outlining to hold all hairs in place and the powder to fill in the rest however somedays I will just use the wax on its own. It has amazing pigmentation and comes with a little brush and spoolie making it great for travel even though I use my own brush the spoolie's very handy. It also lasts a fair amount of time but  this brings me onto the gel, Benefit's Ready Set Brow is a new product out with since the repackaging  I brush this clear gel through my brows and it prevents fading by holding the product in from root to tip whilst also preventing unruly hairs. These two products together are definitely going to be my go to's for a very long time!



  1. I haven't tried either of these brow products but they both sound amazing. I'm definitely going to looking to them some more. Great post! x


    1. You so should especially as the Rimmel Palette is so affordable! Thank you x