Sunday, 25 September 2016

5 Tips for Preventing Breakouts!

My skin has always been quite oily and blemish prone and I have always struggled to keep it as clear as possible as if you have blemished skin you will know it can really lower confidence and made me feel I needed to wear all the make up in the world however recently I have found a few ways I think have really helped.

The Right Products - This took a lot of trial and error but after time I found natural products such as The Body Shop Tea Tree Range and Yes To Tomatoes but everyone is different and skin can react differently but mine was very sensitive.

Face Masks - At least once a week I make sure I have 15 minutes to relax with a face mask on, apart from drying up any blemishes which sounds gross I know, it will also clear all impurities and oil that builds up preventing future breakouts. My personal favourite is The Body Shop Tea Tree mask or Boots Tea Tree and Witch Hazel.

Exfoliation- Removing dead skin cells with a face brush or scrub is the perfect way to reduce the amount of spots, I use a hand held face cleansing brush so it's not too harsh plus it is a lot cheaper, a scrub also gets deeper into the pores. You can also use an acid toner but personally I have never tried one due to having sensitive skin.

No Touching - For years and years people told me this over and over that it creates spots and i'm pretty sure every single one of those people is saying I told you so even though not touching your face is a lot harder than it seems especially when I am bored or in a lesson, as most of the time I don't think I realised how much I touched my face.

Hydration and Moisturising- For ages I believed that oily skin didn't need moisturiser but how wrong was I! You might be thinking what I did a while back, why does my skin need another layer of grease but actually oily skin lacks moisture and hydration which is why extra oil is produced consequentially blocking pores causing blemishes so to prevent this I know moisturise and if I don't I can tell as my skin has a meltdown.

What are your tips for banishing blemishes?



  1. I used to love witch hazel when i was younger i completely forgot how good it is! will have to have a nose at their stuff again :-D XX