Sunday, 11 September 2016

Why I am Excited For Autumn

As I sit down to write this I have two thoughts - is it too early to start celebrating my favourite season? No, not at all! And... is this post too similar to that I wrote last year (link here)? But to be honest who cares I frickin' love Autumn and have way more things I love than the few I wrote last year so let's get cracking!

The Colours - Burgandy, Khaki, Burnt Orange, Navy and Dusk Pink all my favourite colours so when  Autumn rolls around I can finally wear some of my favourite pieces and buy things I love with ease but also the leaves changing colour from green to yellow, orange and red they all look so beautiful as they fall from the trees even though when they get wet I am so prone to slipping on them.

Hot Chocolates - Staying in watching a film, reading a book or walking down the street a hot chocolate is essential especially when I spice them up a bit with a few added extras (hint towards a future post aha!)

Crisp Air - Crisp fresh air that makes your cheeks flushed and rosy the perfect thing after being tired of the high humidity bought with Summer. 

Nights In - Dark evenings make a perfect excuse to stay in, have a film night, order a pizza and just pigging out is made slightly more acceptable.

Copper Eyeshadows - Even though I am partial to a copper eye all year round Autumn is the perfect time for it mixing it up with burnt orange and warm reds in the crease.

Scents - In Autumn I always start baking more and using a few more smelly things such as reed diffusers as I love the smell of spices, the fireside and leaves.

Hallowe'en & Bonfire Night - Although Autumn is the perfect time for a night in, firework displays, sparklers and Hallowe'en celebrations are always the perfect excuses to spend time with family and friends!



  1. I'm honestly so excited for Autumn and winter, I'm already buying jumpers and listening to Christmas music!x

    1. So am i! Even though everyone tells me its wayyy to early for christmas music but I'm so excited. x

  2. yesss im soo excited for halloween and bonfire night! my birthday just happens to fall in the middle too yayyy! XX

  3. I love Autumn so much. I can't wait to wack out the tights boots and jumper dresses! & to wear dark lips! I love the colours too! I can't wait to have cosy nights in with hot chocolate!

  4. I love autumn so much, maybe too much! xo

  5. I love scents - warm baking, wet leaves, the smell after rain, bonfires and pumpkin!

  6. You mae me want hot chocolate! Do you want to be friends with me on bloglovin? If yes, just follow my blog there, I'll follow your blog back!!!

  7. I am so excited for Autumn and I agree with all your points, great post!

    Ella xx