Sunday, 16 October 2016

Autumnal Essentials!

I think from my blog the past few weeks you probably know my love for Autumn and every time the season rolls around there's a few things I always start to get out when its began to get colder and darker nights meaning staying cosy, layering clothes, hot drinks and my personal fave of berry lips.
However, we all know Autumn isn't all crisp leaves and a time to celebrate Halloween it also means I have to start looking after my skin a bit more especially my hands from the bitter wind, I usually pop a hand cream in my handbag then somewhere around the house my favourite at the moment is The Body shop ones as they feel non-greasy and moisturising. I also have to look after my lips a lot as the freezing cold wind and matte lipsticks make them so dry, at the moment I have rediscovered an old favourite of Carmex which is really nourishing. When Autumn hits I love baths and particularly a bath which smells of spice and all things nice meaning a lot of bath bombs, bubbles and oils which help to destress and relax too. 
Of course when Autumn here its essential to wrap up warm with jumpers, scarves, cosy pj's and blankets for watching a film preferably a little bit scary when Halloween hits or reading a cute book. I have been obsessed with this burnt orange tartan scarf which just screams Autumn and the adorable Hedgehog slippers both from Primark, however, I think these slippers just show everything in my life suddenly appears to relate to the season. Whilst wrapped up cosy a hot drink is essential and preferably a hot chocolate as if you can't be a bit unhealthy this time of year when can you?! 
Finally Makeup, this, of course, is my favourite part and a berry and copper shades are an essential. I love Berries with undertones of purple such as MAC's Rebel and dark reds like Rimmel Kate's 107 my all time favourite drugstore lipstick. For eyeshadow, I am also obsessed with a purple shadow giving a smokey night time look and coppers, golds and oranges for the day time. I found an amazing orange shadow in Boot's I hadn't ever even heard of the brand 'Makeup Obsession' but the pigmentation is unreal and the best part of it was it was only £2. I have also loved MAC Amber Lights and the MAC Amber Nines Palette which you can see in use in my Autumn Makeup Post (Link HERE).To finish off the eyes a must is winged eyeliner, I wear this all year around but for some reason, in the colder months a wing just looks the perfect addition.

What are your Autumn Essentials?



  1. Hot chocolate and cosy slippers are definitely an autumn essential for me. Sophie x

  2. Great picks for autumn! hot chocolate is deff number 1 xx

  3. Those slippers are adorable! I need a pair! Too bad they don't ave Primark in the states :/

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