Sunday, 23 October 2016

How To: Blog Photography

If you aren't a blogger you are probably thinking the photo's us bloggers take is the quickest and easiest part of blogging, well my friend you are very, very wrong. Although it is my favourite part it can also be full of frustration when the lighting just doesn't go how we want, or the background, or when you think you have taken the perfect photo until you load them up to your computer and have to start again, the stress is endless so to help out any new bloggers or any body just wanting to improve there photo's I thought I would share my tips.

The Camera

When I started blogging it was the time where photo quality of bloggers took a massive jump to the feeling that everyone who wanted to be successful needed a professional camera, however, this is completely wrong, it's your skill rather than the price of the instrument you use as you need to learn all about apertures, exposures and god knows what else that all quite frankly goes over my head. When I first started I used my iPad which worked well at the time but as I improved my blog I decide to invest into a better camera choosing the Samsung CSC which is good for what I do even if I long for a Canon DSLR. With the quality of phone camera's now, I would say you don't even need to buy any sort of camera until your blogging gets serious or you have another hobby that will use it such as a passion for photography or taking a course which needs it, both in which I have. If you really feel it is needed then make sure to do as much research as possible as it is very much a huge investment! I actually took the photos above on my phone just to prove beginners really don't need the huge investment.

Stock Photo's

I have seen quite a few bloggers use stock photos and to be quite honest as soon as I see them I click off the post as I feel I can't trust the review as how do I even know they own the product, I also see it as pure laziness and would much prefer to read a post where time and effort has been put into the photos with used, well-loved products sitting on a dressing table. However, it can work for some people, it's just my personal view.

Taking The Photo

This is where I first struggled but also is where you can show your creative side, it's all about finding the right settings for you on a camera and the angle which is best for you to take the photo's as you don't want too much shadow, high exposure or bad focus it takes quite a while to get used to your camera and to get the best photo and I still can spend what feels like a life time fiddling with different buttons. You also have to find the best lighting whether it be natural, studio or with a flash, personally I like natural and absolutely hate the flash setting. Even though it is very, very hard to get good lighting in the winter months I pull through and overall find it works best for me.


This is pretty straightforward and most of you probably know that if the writing on the product cannot be read then it's pretty much useless, whilst if the products in less focus than the background it can look a bit messy and unprofessional. On the other hand, it is good to have the focus on the product and the background slightly blurred which can be achieved by certain lenses. Another way to get a good focus is to use the macro setting on a camera so you have the ability to get clear and closer photographs.


My favourite step of photography is messing around with editing software, usually I will use pic monkey for brightness, contrast and exposure whilst also using it for adding overlays. I have also used Photoshop but as you have to buy it I don't think it is really necessary unless you want to take your photography to another level such as for school, a job or you have a massive passion. I also scarcely edit a photo of a product as I never want to change the appearance of a product.

I hope you found this post helpful but photography is for fun and these are just my personal opinions, photography can be anything you want and as long as YOU are proud and happy with the outcome they are perfect!

Do you have any photography tips or posts about photography I would love to read them!



  1. I agree that the flash setting is awful and I'll even persevere through winter by shooting pictures right in the middle of the day.

    Alice //