Sunday, 27 November 2016

November Favourites

It feels like FOREVER since I sat and typed up a favourites post, just on the basis so much has been going on so I haven't had time to try out new products but then I thought this is the last favourites post I can write before my annual yearly round up of faves like WHAT?! This year has flown by without even feeling like I have taken a breath, however, I best get onto the reason you clicked this post and begin.
My first favourite I have actually been using for well over a month and instantly fell in love, L'Oreal True Match Foundation is the perfect shade for my skin which is its main selling point however my skin is incredibly hard to match so still amazed me at its accuracy, it also feels very lightweight and looks like skin as if I'm not even wearing anything but the coverage is high and creates a flawless base. It's no wonder everyone hypes about it as I don't think I will ever find one so affordable that could be any better. I have relatively oily/ combination so I'm not sure how this would work on dry skin.

I hinted towards my love for this in my Autumn Essentials (link HERE) about a month ago, its only £2 from Boots which I picked up on a whim despite not knowing the brand 'makeup obsession' just because of the price and I didn't own a burnt orange shadow plus I didn't know if it would suit me. However, the pigmentation is stunning and lasts all day without the use of a primer, I usually put this in the outer corner and crease with MAC's Amber lights all over the lid and a matte brown subtly in the crease.

I recently started getting the AVON catalogue through my door and I always had the impression the stuff really wasn't that good, but my Mom made an order of a few bit and curiosity got the better of me when I saw loads of brushes for around £3 each. The Blending brush is great for a winged out makeup look and just all round blending out darker colours in the crease, it is so comparable to the MAC 217 which I have been eyeing up for a very long time but the price was a bit off-putting, whilst the fan brush is great for a subtle highlight. Both brushes are also incredibly soft and do a brilliant job. 

Every so often I get really into hair products and trying out new ones and different concepts and these too are by far miracle products. The Tresemme Split End Remedy I have been using after every time I wash my hair and I can really see a reduction in the appearance of split ends and far less appear when I use heat which is surprising as I find split end 'removers' have never ever worked before and have a reputation for being a bit useless however I really recommend giving this a try if you find you have damaged hair. On to the L'Oreal Mousse I had very high expectations as the Elnett range has all my favourite hair products and this was no disappointment, I chose the volume one from the range as thats what I always want and I have never had as much volume in my hair after blow drying as with this I am obsessed! It also gives great hold to curls and texture to styles.
 My final 'product' favourite is a perfume, Ghost is one of those I always pull out in the Autumn/ Winter time as its a really warm scent and is one of my all time favourite perfumes. It has quite an orange/ fruity scent with hints of floral but also spice, it just smells like 'Autumn/ Winter' in a bottle to me.

I rarely have a fashion favourite but I have been living in A- Line skirts, previously I thought they didnt suit me but they are perfect for Autumn with tights and boots I love them. This one is from Primark and has served me well throughout Autumn

Onto the music I have of course been loving Olly Murs - its just an obsession if you hadn't guessed however his new album came out called '24hrs' and I love it, my favourite tracks are probably Unpredictable, Back Around, Private, Flaws and ok I can't pick a favourite I just love it! Whilst for TV I, like everyone else in Britian, have been obsessed with I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and also The Missing which is about finding two girls who have been kidnapped, its so gripping and to catch up I think its on iPlayer if you fancy watching it.

What have you been loving this month?



  1. Great post! I think I´m going to try and smell the ghost perfume next time I go shopping.

    Vanessa x |

  2. lovely post xx