Sunday, 4 December 2016

Christmas Essentials

 It's the most wonderful time of the year! (guarantee you sang that, if not why not?!) so to kick off my Christmas posts I thought I would share my all time needed things to make the season extra festive!

Starting off with decorations, if your house isn't looking like Santa's grotto, I'm sorry to tell you, your doing it all wrong. But really Christmas just isn't Christmas without baubles, wreaths and tinsels, I usually go for a bit more of a classic style just because I think its the cutest.

Then of course once my house looks like a grotto it's absolutely essential to walk around with a Christmas jumpers, slippers, pyjamas, and yes even socks because I feel you just can't do these christmas festivities without them. (maybe don't wear them all out tho) ;)
 Onto entertainment, Christmas can't be Christmas without the traditional films, I can't choose a favourite but in last year's Christmas posts I did a collection of my Top 10 you could find HERE also my favourite thing to do whilst wrapping presents! I have also been obsessed with reading Christmas books especially with a mug of hot chocolate, Skipping Christmas is based on the film Christmas with the Kranks which I love about a family who's daughter goes away for Christmas so they decide to go on a cruise but it all goes wrong.
Onto makeup, of course, I love a red lip especially Rimmel Kate 01 which has blue undertones so suits my skin tone perfectly, it also lasts a very long time and has amazing pigmentation, I also love the Clinique lipsticks as they are so moisturising which is definitely needed in the winter season. However something else I have been loving is a lip palette from Seventeen, as the shimmer shades are perfect to put in the centre of the lips to contrast with the red giving a fuller plump and the extra sparkle needed for Christmas.

Finally a gold mascara, I received this from Avon and it is perfect for Christmas, i just apply it to the tips and it adds a lovely sparkle that glistens in the light, making it essential for a Christmas party!

What are your Christmas essentials?


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