Sunday, 29 January 2017


"She Believed She Could So She Did"

Recently I hit a brick wall, I just seemed to be stuck, bobbing along with nothing reaching the next level leading to being incredibly unmotivated, some may say its the January blues but to be honest I just couldn't be bothered as the more work that mounted up the more stress, the more anxiety, so a serious need to get some organisation in my life was very much needed and just start the amount of tasks I had to do and now I feel I am back on top of it.

After being unmotivated, procrastinating and just generally preferring to watch tv than do my work the best way to get me into the spirit of things was to prioritise my huge list, ditch the unimportant and get all the crap out the way to focus on what was important. Although this meant a few things were left to the back such as my blog due to the long tedious reports and essays I needed to complete I can now reap the benefits as I have so much time instead of cramming everything in the night before and running out of time.

So once I got my priorities I actually started to work my way down the list and that feeling of accomplishment as I wrote the last word of an essay or managed to finish the task I had been putting off made me feel even more motivated and productive as the feeling took away all the boredom that I had been feeling while completing it and I just felt better and more in control.

Focus on the Process
I found rather than focusing on the fact that the thing that had to be done would still take me another three hours to complete I focused on the fact I had got the first section done, the second, third, fourth , fifth and then it was done without even realising i had finished everything without thinking of my ever growing list that would take me forever and ever.

Take Breaks & Have fun
This I found most important as within my list I had fun things I had to do that weren't my priorities such as putting off going to get my eyebrows waxed it still needed to be done but was a heck of a lot more enjoyable than sitting at a computer screen  or staring at a blank piece of paper for days when I didn't know what to write but also breaking up the boring essays with more fun things that still had a deadline such as filming for my media production and editing which I really enjoy doing despite it being towards my very stressful A Levels. 

What keeps you motivated?

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Top 5 Products of 2016

 This post might be coming a tiny bit late seen as I'm still talking about last year but I do love favourites post so couldn't miss out and not write about what I have been loving. Also, I really hope you don't mind the worse quality photos, my proper camera will be resuming next week. So now that's out the way I will begin.
Benefit Hoola - I discovered this in the summer and yes I am incredibly late to the party but I so get why everyone loves it, I wasn't sure if it would be too muddy or too orange to start with as there's only one shade available but it works wonders for a lovely natural bronzed contour. It also blends effortlessly.

MAC Mehr - If you are an avid reader of my blog or know me in person then you will know this colour is what's on my lips on a daily basis, I have been using it since I bought it in April and is my most worn lipstick from MAC and even my whole collection. The colour is a more on the pink side of a pinky brown nude and lasts forever on the lips whilst the matte formula isn't drying.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser- I use this a primer after moisturiser and before foundation and I find it gives my skin a more matte feel and even base for my foundation, it also makes my makeup look more flawless as my pores are reduced while it fights spots throughout the day and prevents future ones caused by makeup which I find so helpful as foundations which previously broke me out no longer do due to this.

Yes To Tomatoes Moisturiser - This is another product which really helps reduce my breakouts and I have used it religiously every night, although my skin's not perfect I think this has made a great improvement. I also find it sinks in the skin and isn't too heavy.

OGX Coconut Water - This was my holy grail in the summer and the smell instantly makes me think of the sun but I carried on using it throughout Autumn Winter and it really makes a difference to my dry hair and I can definitely tell the difference when I don't use it. 

What were your holy grail 2016 products?


Sunday, 8 January 2017

Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

At the end of last year I did a post about all my goals for the year and what I would like to achieve so as 2016 is now over and we are a week into 2017 I felt like a look back of what I actually did followed by my new goals would be a great start to beginning to blog again this year... 2017! which may I add still can't get used to saying.

Even though 2016 was a bad year as a whole for the world with terrorism, politics, celebrity deaths I had an overall amazing year and somethings happened I am so grateful for but of course there were some downs but what can you expect a lot can change in 365 days and it definitely did but I am only going to look at the positives. I started off last years post with my blogging goals, and personally I think I achieved them, I posted on a regular basis and doubled my bloglovin' followers even if my goal was a bit adventurous. 
But onto personal goals I had an amazing time, I got my first job in something I never thought I would ever get into and was sort of by accident. I work for my local radio station at events where every event not only is a job giving experience but great memories and people I work with are some of the nicest people I know. I also began to learn to drive which is going incredibly well at the moment. I also feel like this year I grew into myself becoming more confident and have a lot more drive and organisation to succeed in what I want but also myself. I also went out of my comfort zone going to more places, seeing more people and enjoying myself. 
And last but not least! I MET OLLY MURS, I included this as a type of jokey one that I had no idea how it was going to happen but I went to his radio roadshow and got a selfie with him and was definitely a major highlight of the year if you have read my blog for a while you would know my obsession.

But I know this year can be EVEN better so here are my 2017 Goals.

Expand My Blog : By this, I don't necessarily mean followers but just work hard and make it the best it possibly can be.

Time Manage: I am SO bad at this, but this year I need to manage school, work, free time and blogging a lot better so I have less reason to stress and don't neglect myself or those important to me.

Be More Confident: This is something I feel I got better at in 2016, as I don't mean in the sense of public speaking because I would say that doesn't bother me but confident in myself, my opinions and what I like. To be confident enough to say No but also confident enough to go out of my comfort zone and say Yes to opportunities I know will improve my life and well being.

Continue to do a Photo Album: I started this in Summer and although i may have annoyed my family at times constantly wanting photos to capture a memory it's been amazing to look back through in any times I feel sad or just to have all my family gather around and look. I have already completed one which seems perfect timing to start a new one for the new year.

Successfully Complete my A Levels: Now this will need a lot more hardwork than the others as I find it so hard to motivate myself but all I need to think is it is only 6 months then I will never have to do this amount of revision again (hopefully) And as my last year at school I want to look back happily not 'I wish I had tried harder' 

Get an Apprenticeship: I feel like this is also one I will have to work hard for to 'prove myself' but it's something i am really hopeful for in 2017

Pass My Driving Test: I have done about 4 months of weekly lessons and just cannot wait to pass for more freedom and I just can't wait.

Met Olly Murs Again: Ok maybe this is asking for a bit too much