Sunday, 8 January 2017

Goodbye 2016 Hello 2017

At the end of last year I did a post about all my goals for the year and what I would like to achieve so as 2016 is now over and we are a week into 2017 I felt like a look back of what I actually did followed by my new goals would be a great start to beginning to blog again this year... 2017! which may I add still can't get used to saying.

Even though 2016 was a bad year as a whole for the world with terrorism, politics, celebrity deaths I had an overall amazing year and somethings happened I am so grateful for but of course there were some downs but what can you expect a lot can change in 365 days and it definitely did but I am only going to look at the positives. I started off last years post with my blogging goals, and personally I think I achieved them, I posted on a regular basis and doubled my bloglovin' followers even if my goal was a bit adventurous. 
But onto personal goals I had an amazing time, I got my first job in something I never thought I would ever get into and was sort of by accident. I work for my local radio station at events where every event not only is a job giving experience but great memories and people I work with are some of the nicest people I know. I also began to learn to drive which is going incredibly well at the moment. I also feel like this year I grew into myself becoming more confident and have a lot more drive and organisation to succeed in what I want but also myself. I also went out of my comfort zone going to more places, seeing more people and enjoying myself. 
And last but not least! I MET OLLY MURS, I included this as a type of jokey one that I had no idea how it was going to happen but I went to his radio roadshow and got a selfie with him and was definitely a major highlight of the year if you have read my blog for a while you would know my obsession.

But I know this year can be EVEN better so here are my 2017 Goals.

Expand My Blog : By this, I don't necessarily mean followers but just work hard and make it the best it possibly can be.

Time Manage: I am SO bad at this, but this year I need to manage school, work, free time and blogging a lot better so I have less reason to stress and don't neglect myself or those important to me.

Be More Confident: This is something I feel I got better at in 2016, as I don't mean in the sense of public speaking because I would say that doesn't bother me but confident in myself, my opinions and what I like. To be confident enough to say No but also confident enough to go out of my comfort zone and say Yes to opportunities I know will improve my life and well being.

Continue to do a Photo Album: I started this in Summer and although i may have annoyed my family at times constantly wanting photos to capture a memory it's been amazing to look back through in any times I feel sad or just to have all my family gather around and look. I have already completed one which seems perfect timing to start a new one for the new year.

Successfully Complete my A Levels: Now this will need a lot more hardwork than the others as I find it so hard to motivate myself but all I need to think is it is only 6 months then I will never have to do this amount of revision again (hopefully) And as my last year at school I want to look back happily not 'I wish I had tried harder' 

Get an Apprenticeship: I feel like this is also one I will have to work hard for to 'prove myself' but it's something i am really hopeful for in 2017

Pass My Driving Test: I have done about 4 months of weekly lessons and just cannot wait to pass for more freedom and I just can't wait.

Met Olly Murs Again: Ok maybe this is asking for a bit too much 



  1. This is such a cute post, hope you have a lovely 2017 - love the collage by the way.

  2. Good luck on your driving test - I'm sure you'll do ace!