Sunday, 29 January 2017


"She Believed She Could So She Did"

Recently I hit a brick wall, I just seemed to be stuck, bobbing along with nothing reaching the next level leading to being incredibly unmotivated, some may say its the January blues but to be honest I just couldn't be bothered as the more work that mounted up the more stress, the more anxiety, so a serious need to get some organisation in my life was very much needed and just start the amount of tasks I had to do and now I feel I am back on top of it.

After being unmotivated, procrastinating and just generally preferring to watch tv than do my work the best way to get me into the spirit of things was to prioritise my huge list, ditch the unimportant and get all the crap out the way to focus on what was important. Although this meant a few things were left to the back such as my blog due to the long tedious reports and essays I needed to complete I can now reap the benefits as I have so much time instead of cramming everything in the night before and running out of time.

So once I got my priorities I actually started to work my way down the list and that feeling of accomplishment as I wrote the last word of an essay or managed to finish the task I had been putting off made me feel even more motivated and productive as the feeling took away all the boredom that I had been feeling while completing it and I just felt better and more in control.

Focus on the Process
I found rather than focusing on the fact that the thing that had to be done would still take me another three hours to complete I focused on the fact I had got the first section done, the second, third, fourth , fifth and then it was done without even realising i had finished everything without thinking of my ever growing list that would take me forever and ever.

Take Breaks & Have fun
This I found most important as within my list I had fun things I had to do that weren't my priorities such as putting off going to get my eyebrows waxed it still needed to be done but was a heck of a lot more enjoyable than sitting at a computer screen  or staring at a blank piece of paper for days when I didn't know what to write but also breaking up the boring essays with more fun things that still had a deadline such as filming for my media production and editing which I really enjoy doing despite it being towards my very stressful A Levels. 

What keeps you motivated?


  1. I need to take some tips from this post myself as January hasn't been the best! I think I need to have fun and let go a little in February! X


    1. We can get motivate together! Go for it gurl!