Sunday, 12 March 2017

Going Blonde (Nearly) | My New Hair

Getting my hair done is possibly one of my favourite things to do but I get very nervous to do anything drastic but I took the plunge.

I went Blonde! (nearly)

If you read my post back in June (link here) I had an ombre, balayage technique on the ends of my hair and I loved it so I knew this was the style I would go for again but I wanted to go a bit more dramatic so I surfed the internet for the sort of colour I was going for showed my hairdresser and she worked her magic.

I had Wella Freelight Bleach used to lighten the ends and it came out in different shades and depths to the colour, so some are as blonde as blonde can be whilst other parts are a more caramel bronde shade. Its added so much texture and life into my hair so I absolutely love the colour and I am obsessed with the style and its made me feel so ready for the spring/ summer!