Monday, 1 January 2018

Goodbye 2017 Hello 2018!

Every year I like to recap on all the moments that made the year and my goals for the next and this year is no different. Let me tell you now... 2017 was a rollercoaster! I had highs and lows and twists and turns at every corner. It was full of achievement and failure, love and loss and learning to step very far out of my comfort zone. As I sit here now on the 1st January 2018 (like WHAT?! Time flies!) I can say I am proud of myself.

Beginning with the not so good, the year began with a rubbish start, my anxiety  hit with vengeance which I didn't quite realise how much until I looked at photographs and I had absolutely no photographs before Olly Murs' concert in late March and this isn't because I forgot to take any, its because I was stuck in a rut of anxiety. I went out and did what I had to such as sixth form where sometimes I wouldn't even make that and then went home. However, I went to Olly Murs' concert - something I booked when I was not suffering from anxiety as bad and something I didn't think I could make - but I did and had an incredible night, from here I realised I was stronger than I thought (cliché I know) but I changed as a person. I fought anxiety with every ounce of strength and had to make choices for me. I changed my friendship circles, I went out and did some amazing things and had the summer of my life!

All of a sudden the year took an amazing turn, in June I celebrated my 18th Birthday which was such a lovely day (despite a Geography exam in the middle of it) and everyone spoiled me so much and I had the best night out. I finished my exams, left sixth form and had prom - another amazing night - that's when i felt the summer really began. I was working most days but doing something I absolutely LOVE every day was different, I met the most amazing people and many will be life long friends and a few celebrities I snapped a photo with. I now have friends I can count on, that I know I can rely on to be there. I went on numerous holidays with family and then friends where I didn't stop to think what I was doing I just went for it.

Then came A Level results day where I opened the envelope to find C D D something I never expected and disappointment was an understatement I had no idea where to turn. So after there was no other option I decided to resit. Then a month into starting back at sixth form I had my A Level remarks back with C C C going up 15+ marks in each subject. Here it goes to show the exam boards messed it up, in one way they held me back a year but in other ways, it gave me more time to think and evaluate what was going on. I had already began my Photography A-Level so the school offered to let me carry on with that on its own even though usually in sixth form it's full-time education meaning 3 subjects so I have plenty of time for work experience and furthering my career as university has never been my first option. I then managed to get a job broadcasting for radio's which I couldn't be happier with so everything has begun to look up.

The year has taught me to never look back, surround myself with people I love and jump into every opportunity. Most importantly I have learnt to have fun and if I want to do something I will do it!


Be More Organised: I currently struggle with this a LOT

Further my Career: This is something I need to work hard at but if I dream it I can do it

Expand my Blog and YouTube: I started Youtube earlier this year and really enjoy it (link at the bottom of the blog post) and I am determined to keep this and my blog going and expanding sharing what I am passionate for. I also want to change the blog posts I do a bit to show more of me.

Pass my Driving Test

Continue to Manage my Anxiety: I know I will always have lows but I want to make sure they come a lot less often

Experience New Places: I began to do this in 2017 with many amazing holidays and experiences but I want to continue as I have definitely not seen much of the world.

Meet new people: Something I love is making new friends and learning about other people lives. It's not something I can make happen but I very much hope it does.

Have Fun and Embrace Life!

HAPPY 2018! 



  1. Good luck with your goals Katie. Marking exams is so hard but good on your school for querying if they thought you should have done better!