Sunday, 25 February 2018

My Make up Essentials

We all have those makeup products that we just could not live without and no matter how many new products we try they always manage to sneak their way back into our makeup bags as we reach for them every day. So I thought I would share my holy grails, ride or die, favourite products as I'm sure you will fall for them just like me. 

Real Techniques Buffing Brush- I feel like in posts like this the tools always get forgotten about but I find no matter how good the product is if the brush is rubbish you're gonna get rubbish results. So I absolutely swear by this brush as it just seems to buff the foundation in with next to no effort and is super soft and never sheds any of its hairs because is there anything worse than that!?

Zoeva Deluxe Luxe Crease Brush - Staying with brushes this is hands down my favourite eye brush, some days I can use this on its own and create a lovely eye look. It's quite a large eye brush so the shadows can easily be blended out creating any look from subtle to dark and also lovely and smokey which I love. 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Now this probably comes as no surprise as like many this is my go-to concealer, sometimes I wonder how it's so good as its rare there's a product that suits virtually anyone especially, with the new shades. I find it highlights under the eye and conceals those pesky blemishes. It also as the name says, lasts a very long time so I rarely have to touch up through the day.

Benefit Hoola Bronzer - Another product that is definitely a cult product. Its the perfect shade for a subtle bronze but can also easily be built up to contour. Also, I love the brush that comes with it which I was so surprised about as usually, the brush included in products is terrible. I also find it has a great durability.

Collection Fast Stroke Eyeliner - This product is a mere £2.99 and hands down the best eyeliner. The last one I had dried up after using it day in day out and then for some reason I stopped wearing winged liner completely but I have refound my love for it and as soon as I repurchased this and used it I realised why I loved it so much. I find it super easy to apply, it's completely black unlike some cheaper eyeliners (or even high end) which come out slightly grey. And lasts all day even with my super watery eyes. 

MAC Mehr - If you see me wearing a nude. This is most likely it. I love it! It's a matt formula so lasts for a long time but isn't drying whilst the colour is pink with brown undertones. Even though I have noticed the love for MAC lipsticks isn't as much as it was two or three years ago this still holds a very secure place in my makeup bag. 

What are your makeup essentials?


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  1. I love this hoola so much. I got this while doing my make-up lesson London. I am so glad that I did my makeup course from her. She is so helpful and friendly. She helped me a lot to improve my skills and to make my own platform.