Sunday, 18 March 2018

An Open Letter to My Future Self

Hey Katie! How are you? 

First of all how old are you?! I'm 18 writing this and uploaded a very recent photo so you can see how much you've changed... or maybe we still look the same.
I'm going to pretend you're 25 as that's a good solid age... Actually, are you still blogging or is this being found by someone in the near future after the world has been through into something similar to a dystopian novel... As you can tell, don't worry Katie you have always been mad... Well, I hope you still are just as mad and awkwardly funny because that's the best thing going for you. 

If you are still blogging and vlogging how's it going? How many views have you reached or followers - 10000? That would be AMAZING!

I hope you're still just as determined and focused on reaching your goals and nothing and nobody has got in your way and if your goals have changed that's okay but I hope it's for the right reasons. At the moment my goal is to present professionally on the radio so have you done that?! I hope so! Maybe I have my own show or a co-host... Or maybe on stage or TV. Are you rich? OMG! That'd be great... or maybe you're still dreaming of the day when you do these things and if you are... never stop.

I've just passed my driving test so are you still driving? Have you bought a red mini cooper with black trims like the ones you dreamt of since you were young... or maybe Dad's let you drive his pride and joy wouldn't that be great! I also hope you are a very sensible driver as I know how you get with that accelerator ;-) 

Have you settled down with a nice boyfriend... I really do hope I'm not still single that'd be a right pain. Although I do enjoy being single I love the idea of having someone. Ooh and maybe you have a dog together or is it too soon - it had best be in the near future though otherwise, I will be very disappointed in you! 

Now onto the more serious part - how is your mental health? Do I manage my anxiety better? Have I had a good day or bad day? I hope it was good one... You were having a lot of good ones at the minute. Can you use public transport without the fear of panicking... How about flying. Have you been abroad yet? Iceland, Italy, South Africa, Amsterdam... The list is ever growing. Maybe I've even bought a scratch map to prove to myself how far I have come from never wanting to go abroad to flying around the world. Did I ever see a psychologist? Overcome my emetophobia or cope with it better. Basically, I hope I'm happy with the idea of anxiety as a past prospect rather than a future one to constantly face. 

I also hope you're still growing as a person and confident in yourself. Don't worry what people say or think - if you want to get up and dance. Dance! Talking of that have I learned any kind of rhythm... at the minute you struggle to clap in time. Onto learning things have you picked up any new skills like learning to swim... if not you might want to try that!

Overall I hope you are still chasing your dreams, enjoying every moment of life, grabbing opportunities with both hands and most importantly happy. (God, I hope you ain't that cliché in the future).

Love Katie



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