Thursday, 1 March 2018

March Goals

So February was very much a success. I passed my driving test *whoop whoop*, I reached a crucial deadline, rebranded my blog (who loves my new logo?!) and finally managed to have some time to myself and do some really fun, great things. On the front of my goal's I didn't manage to keep exercising or on top of emails but we can't have everything! 

1. Buy a car

As I have passed my driving test, it only seems right I put my new found skills and freedom into good practice but with the insurance, it's so expensive!

2. Continue to save money

Just after I have said I'm going to fork out for possibly the most expensive thing I have ever bought in my life. I'm going to try and continue to restrict my spend on clothes, makeup and food (obviously eating out and about not just food as everyone has to eat!) 

3. Pursue my dream job

I know that this month I really need to start taking the job search more seriously and hunt for a job with longer hours and more money as I still have the job I got as a student. I have got my eye on a few things I would love to do and do more of so watch this space. 

4. Go Blonder 

This is more something I want to do more than a goal as such and is easily achievable but by the end of March, I want to be happy with the colour of my hair. 

5. Push myself out of my comfort zone

This is more a constant goal but I have been doing really well battling against my anxiety so I think March is the month to go even further with it, maybe travel a bit and do something I don't think I can no matter how small or big it is. 

What are your March Goals?



  1. Kudos on passing your driving test, on your new logo, on choosing your goals and on on having the courage and desire to pursue them. Best wishes for your success!
    I like your outfit photo. Your OOTD, hair, eye makeup and lipstick all look pretty.
    My own March goals are to get more healthy, see a dentist, do spring cleaning, get help painting, find and buy a reasonably priced low-light camcorder with SD card and remote start-pause-stop, and then take photos and videos for blog posts and YouTube videos. Wish me luck?

  2. Such great goals! I hope you manage to find a good but cheap car, having your own car and own freedom is amazing!

    Lucy | Forever September