Sunday, 4 March 2018

Working In The Media Industry

One thing that is definitely known for sure is that the media industry is incredibly hard to get into, it's a very desirable career path in many ways but also a lot of people would be deterred by this and maybe give up on there dream to be a part of it due to this competition. I thought I would give a few points from my experience so far. Just so this makes sense I have done mainly radio work so some of this would probably vary between roles/ sectors etc. 

1. Competition
I mentioned this slightly in the introduction and it is for sure the worst part of the media industry, however, it does mean that it shows that everyone in the sector is happy to be there, excited about there role and very very determined people. If I ever want work experience or employment for every 20 emails or applications, 19 would be ignored and maybe even all 20 but then there's that one every so often which makes everything worthwhile. 

2. Every day is different 
This would probably vary between job roles but as part of my job is working in events no two days or weeks are the same. We travel to different places, meet different people and never know what to expect. One day could be completely mundane focusing on leaflets but the next we could be standing in front of a crowd of 10,000 people

3. Meet New People
I have made some of the most amazing friends while at work as we all have one common interest and passion but also everyone is like minded. For example, in the events team, we all have to be bubbly, outgoing, personable and can't help having fun. There's an amazing sense of community everywhere I have gone with everyone making you feel at ease.

4. Be Nice To Everyone 
I'm not the kind of person who wouldn't be nice to people as I actually find it hard not to like people. But it is definitely true that one day the person sitting next to you at your desk could be managing you in five years time or the boy straight out of college that's your runner could be a content producer in the future determining if you stay in a job.

5. Experience is essential
90% of people I know in the media industry haven't got a degree except for journalists where it definitely is essential. To become a presenter, a sales or promotions worker, DJ or anything in those sectors just need a LOT of experience, hours of voluntary work and working your way from the bottom up. No one has ever advised me at an interview, assessment day or just general day to day to get any more qualifications. Of course, if you already have a degree that's great but many people I have met with a degree don't say it got them the job so don't worry if you don't have one or its in a completely different subject.


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