Sunday, 29 April 2018

May Goals

This year really has been brilliant so far... last month I got a new job, traveled to London - which if you read my anxiety story will know is a big thing and bought myself my first car and have got confident driving on my own. 

Goal 1: Do the Best I Can

This goes without saying when starting a new job as no one is going to sit back and relax (Well I hope not!) but I’m going to put my all into everything and show how much I love doing it. I'm also going to take every opportunity I get.

Goal 2: Make This Blog The Best It Can Be

Behind the scenes I have been working so much on this blog from brand deals, increasing my social media following and most importantly thinking of great content for you! With that what you guys see has seriously slacked hence no post since the start of April ( sorry about that one) but this month hopefully all I have worked for will be worth it.

Goal 3: Re-Start my YouTube

If you didn't know I have a YouTube channel - link HERE (cheeky self-promo!) but I started to let it slip and didn’t post any videos so I want to change that and create great content over there too. Plus I was struggling with storage so my MacBook deleted all the videos I did film, which was so disheartening.

Goal 4: Accept change 

With starting a new job I need to leave my old one which I am unbelievably sad about as I have met so many people but I need to remind myself I am moving forward and its a good thing. There are some other big changes happening in my life too which I am going to have to adapt too which is very stressful as change is the biggest cause of my anxiety.

What are your goals for May? 


Sunday, 1 April 2018

April Goals

March was definitely a good month making my 2018 so far look as if things are going well. I bought my first car which I LOVE, my work got exhibited in an art gallery and surrounded myself with the best people. However, I did manage to smash my phone screen and literally forgot how to organize myself with work as I got carried away with other things around me. 

GOAL 1: Drive Confidently
I collect my car on Tuesday and cannot wait! However, the next step is driving confidently as I haven't yet driven on my own which seems a very daunting concept. Of course, I won't just jump behind the wheel and do a 100-mile journey but over March I want to build up to being confident behind the wheel. 

GOAL 2: Find a Secure Job 
I absolutely love where I work, the people I work with and the job I do but everything I do is a zero hour contract which is very difficult when it comes to sometimes having literally no work in a week. Therefore I need to find something a bit more secure which is harder than I thought in the sector I want to work.

GOAL 3: Drink more water
I have had terrible skin for so long that I have sort of got used to it but during my dechox, (which you can find out about HERE)  I realised how it was getting so much better so I feel like I should also follow the cliche advice of drinking more water.

GOAL 4: Do something challenging
I did want to be more specific here but really this month I just want to try and push through my anxiety so much more as I have been seeing so much improvement in myself in the past weeks. There will always be highs and lows but I want to keep the highs high and carry on being proud of where I have got to.