Sunday, 1 April 2018

April Goals

March was definitely a good month making my 2018 so far look as if things are going well. I bought my first car which I LOVE, my work got exhibited in an art gallery and surrounded myself with the best people. However, I did manage to smash my phone screen and literally forgot how to organize myself with work as I got carried away with other things around me. 

GOAL 1: Drive Confidently
I collect my car on Tuesday and cannot wait! However, the next step is driving confidently as I haven't yet driven on my own which seems a very daunting concept. Of course, I won't just jump behind the wheel and do a 100-mile journey but over March I want to build up to being confident behind the wheel. 

GOAL 2: Find a Secure Job 
I absolutely love where I work, the people I work with and the job I do but everything I do is a zero hour contract which is very difficult when it comes to sometimes having literally no work in a week. Therefore I need to find something a bit more secure which is harder than I thought in the sector I want to work.

GOAL 3: Drink more water
I have had terrible skin for so long that I have sort of got used to it but during my dechox, (which you can find out about HERE)  I realised how it was getting so much better so I feel like I should also follow the cliche advice of drinking more water.

GOAL 4: Do something challenging
I did want to be more specific here but really this month I just want to try and push through my anxiety so much more as I have been seeing so much improvement in myself in the past weeks. There will always be highs and lows but I want to keep the highs high and carry on being proud of where I have got to.