Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My Driving Experience: The Importance of Tyre Health*

(This isn't my usual car - I had a go in a sports car and really liked the photo aha) 
A few months ago I passed my driving test and I wrote about my experience of learning to drive - you can read about it HERE. Since then I bought my first car and I was super happy about it and built up loads of confidence when driving it - maybe a little bit too much... As then two weeks ago I hit the curb as I turned the corner causing some serious damage. 
Now I don't know a lot about cars so after I did it, I took a look but not much looked damaged except the alloy so I continued to drive it for the next few days before thinking to myself what if it's not safe. It's a good job I stopped driving it and took it to my local garage as it turned out it wasn't such a 'small accident' I had cut the tyre and there was some bulging. The local garage was so surprised it hadn't gone flat or even burst so I could have been in some serious trouble!
As I could have been in some serious trouble all because I didn't know much about the working of the car it made me sure I would always visit my local garage if I was ever in doubt, specifically when it comes to tyres. From this, I have also found a few tips about tyre safety as I am sure many of you like me can drive but don't understand the workings of a car. 

Tyre Pressure
This was something I thought I was actually pretty good at checking as you can get a little device to do it at home but home check-ups aren't always that great as I found my other wheels weren't quite up to scratch. The tyre pressure should be stated in your car manual and is slightly higher in your front tyres to the back tyres. Some garages even check tyres for free so its definitely worth taking it to be checked!

Quality Of Tyres
On my driving test, I remember there was a question that the examiner asked querying me on what to look out for on my tyres and I had a rehearsed answer of 'cuts, punctures, slices and bulges' but let me tell you I had no idea what any of them really looked like and how to make sure they were in good quality. I also remember the tread had to be 1.6 mm but what was I supposed to do get a ruler out and check every part of the tyre? It's good knowing the information but putting it into practice is something I knew nothing about.

Accident Damage
I suppose I should have got my wheel checked straight after my little incident but as I looked they appeared fine with an unprofessional eye. I just keep thinking though what would I have done if on my usual commute to work (which includes a motorway) the tyre had of burst.

Talk To The Professionals
After my incident, I visited my local garage where he knew a lot about tyres to find that the damage was a lot worse than what I had first thought. This damage probably wouldn't have been as bad if I had gone as soon as I had a problem but driving around had put unneeded pressure on my car. Also, going to your local tyre professional can mean you don't have to drive really far to get your tyres fitted which for me was essential. This will save you time and money and of course be less risk to your personal safety. There are many local depots which make sure that you are able to locate a centre near to your specific location - for example, if you are in Somerset or other UK areas, Point S lets you book tyres online instantly. 

Beware of Future Problems
You don't want to be like me and facing no car for a week while it's in the garage. So visiting a local tyre expert will really save you time and money. Plus why put yourself at risk for the sake of an hour at a garage to make sure you are 100% safe. 

This post was a little bit different to my usual but I hope you enjoyed it just the same but I wanted to turn my unlucky, dangerous situation into something positive and help anyone who also might not know what to do if in a similar position.
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Saturday, 26 May 2018

How I Survived My Exam's

Exam season is in full swing as they began last week and it's not a secret that I absolutely hated them.  I hated the pressure, I hated the expectations, the fact my life was consumed by revision, I had no life and the fact I managed to forget everything as soon as I sat down due to my overwhelming anxiety. Like me, all those thoughts have probably run through your head unless your one of those rare and lucky people who just take them in your stride. I managed, however, to achieve well in my exams and gladly I have had no exams for a while so I thought I'd share my tips as it really isn't worth stressing out over but worth making an effort as those grades stay with you forever. you just need to find a happy balance. This is basically a complete guide if your struggling at the moment - hopefully, this can help one person as I know this was the exact time it all got too much for me. 

1. Revise In Manageable Amounts
I always stayed away from social media in exam time due to always feeling pressured by seeing how much other people had revised and I was right to do so as someone I followed tweeted their younger sibling had the aim to revise for 8 hours a day after being told this was 'the expected time to succeed' whilst another person stated they revised for 12 hours. That's half a day! To do that you would have to revise into the night, have little social life and limited sleep. To me, that seems ludicrous and I would never have been able to cope. I used to revise 2 hours a night after school and 5 hours on a weekend maybe 6 hours if I had an exam the next day but that was the most I could cope with and I would only do it for as long as I wanted - sometimes 15 minutes at a time sometimes 50 minutes. I don't have a very long attention span especially if I don't enjoy something. This way, even though I was revising for less time, all my time was productive. Plus I had time to chill.

2. Find A Way That Works For You
As I have touched on - 13 hours a day works for one person, 5 hours worked for me. The same goes for revision methods. One person may like a flashcard, I liked a mindmap or a game. As you can tell I liked to be hands-on, doing something and making it fun, colourful and as interesting as possible. Everyone learns differently so keep that in mind especially if you're comparing the amounts of revision you've done. 

3. Drink Plenty Of Water
Staying hydrated is the key for both revision and in the exam. I used to drink so much water primarily to control my anxiety (don't know why water helps but it does) and also to stop headaches. The fact exams are in summer also means hydration is key.

4. Timetables
I spent a lot longer than I should have done creating timetables but they are so helpful for managing time. It made sure I was revising all subjects and taking time for myself. I swore by it in my GCSE's and I wish I had continued to use it for my A Levels.

5. Take Time For Yourself 
This especially important after an exam, I never revised on the day of an exam, I revised the night before for the exam the following day then took the afternoon off and relaxed. I also found it important to completely forget about the exams and revision at this time as it doesn't really work if you don't keep relaxation time separate from work. For example, don't watch revision youtube videos when you're having 'me time'. I just found having a constant reminder meant I never fully de-stressed.

6. Your Friends are Very Important
Your classmates and friends are all going through exactly the same. It's so important to take advantage of this and talk about any stresses and worries but also working together. Helping each other and trying to understand each other. Everyone is stressed and its very easy to take it out on each other, I remember I fell out with my best friend just because of stress and its the worst thing you can do as you don't need any more worries. 

7. Don't Cram Revise
This is the worst thing you could possibly do before an exam - I didn't even look at any notes before an exam as if I didn't know it by 8pm the night before I weren't going to know it all.

8. Don't Focus Too Much On One Subject
I was the worst for this as I absoluetly loved Geography so would read about it for hours but hated History so forgot about it. Then a week before the exam it hit me that I couldn't continue obtaining a G in History and I should probably revise for it leading to me forgetting about Geography. Surprisingly I then managed going up to a C overall in History getting an A in one of the exams but then getting a B in Geography when I should of got an A. If I had focused more equally I believe I would of got a better grade.

9. Keep Everything Colourful
Coloured pens and paper were my best friends. They made everything so much more appealing and made me want to revise. Thats the key  - make revison as bearable as possible.

10. Take The Night Off Before An Exam
I never revised the night before an exam. I made sure I had finished by 8 pm then chilled out. Watched a film, painted my nails, chose an outfit to wear the following day. Anything to distract me and ensure I had a good nights sleep.

How did you survive exam season? Or if you're currently sitting exams, how are they going?!


Thursday, 24 May 2018

Is It Ever Too Early To Start Using Anti - Ageing Products?*

Anti-ageing skincare is a very big business at the moment. You only need to glance down an aisle in your local drugstore to see that; lotions, potions, serums, face masks, and everything else under the sun— all targeted at turning back the clock. I always associated it with something for women over 50 who don't like their wrinkles so if you're like me and under 30 you probably think the products are quite baffling. Should you use them? Do you need to turn back the clock, when your skin is yet to show any signs of ageing? Do these products even work?

Prevention is better than cure
There definitely isn't any harm in using anti-ageing skincare before your skin shows signs of ageing. People in the skincare industry often say prevention is better than any cure, so the earlier the start the better, the less likely we'll experience problems in the future?


We know it's going to happen, its a fact of nature. Our skin loses collagen as we age, so fine lines and wrinkles form. Usually, a good skincare routine can't ever stop that which is why many people choose a cosmetic clinic for more reliable results, but this isn't for everyone. As a result of this, it’s vital to remember that anti-ageing skincare is useful, but it’s not a guarantee.

So don’t spend a fortune
I personally wouldn't spend a lot of money on anti- ageing skincare purely due to my age as even with the best will in the world your skin is still going to age to a degree, so there’s little point in sacrificing huge amounts of money to try and prevent an occurrence that we know will definitely happen.

Beneficial products to try
If you still want to try an anti- ageing product but without breaking the bank then your best bet is AHA or BHAs. Most notably, glycolic acid, which offers a whole host of benefits to your skin as well as some elements of anti-ageing protection.

Beware the snake oil
Unfortunately, many brands produce skincare products that they can overcome biology and eliminate any sign of ageing. Don't trust these claims. They are simply untrue. The whole body ages not just your appearance so it's simply impossible.

Forgo the anti-ageing products if you’re young and on a budget
So overall preventative measures are nice but the simple fact is, there's no particular need for you to use specific anti-ageing products it’s important to remember that there aren’t that many benefits either. If you do want to include an anti-ageing element in your skincare, look for a product that also offers numerous additional benefits rather than just focusing on anti-ageing alone.

When I look for skincare products I always reach for a moisturiser which is a very good alternative for anti-ageing as keeping your skin hydrated will always be the best option and prevent ageing from dehydration.


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Sunday, 20 May 2018

My Skincare Routine*

I have struggled with my skin for as long as I can remember, it is combination and acne prone specifically on my cheeks so when it comes to finding products that won't break me out... let's just say it's a mission. However, recently I have seen an improvement. It's not perfect but a lot better than this time 6 months ago with my biggest struggle being the scarring left over from the acne. I have also found keeping my products as natural as possible is also great opposed to acids found in many products.

In the mornings I keep it simple. I wash my face with The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash alongside a face cloth which I replace every other day to prevent the spread of bacteria. I have used this face wash for the last year or two so you might have heard me mention it before but I really swear by this product a lot! I then follow this with The Body Shop Seaweed Moisturiser which keeps my face hydrated in drier areas but also combats the oiliness of my t-zone. 

Moving onto the evening to remove my makeup I use a face cloth, warm water, and the Tea Tree Face Wash I used in the morning or every other day, The Body Shop Tea Tree Scrub which helps exfoliate the skin and cleans deeper into the pores. After drying off my face I remove any final traces of yuckiness from my pores with the Garnier Micellar Water on a cotton pad.

I then follow this with The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner then some new products I have only recently discovered from Organic Young who kindly sent me out a few things to #greenyouroutine. They are organic and cruelty-free with an ethical practice plus no nasty chemicals focusing on sensitive skin. I also love the fact 10% of their profits go to charity! Making it in my eyes an AMAZING brand! On the subject of there products, favourites  my favourites are the Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser containing Green Tea which really helps to refresh the skin. A little goes a long way too which is great. I then follow with the Clear Skin Purifying Serum which contains tea tree and willow bank on any problem areas. 

Alternatively to this if I find a particularly bad blemish I use The Body Shop tea tree targeted gel which stings when you put it on but I like that as I know it's working! Once a week I also apply The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask which is great a cleansing the skin and really giving it a good refresh. 

What do you use in your skincare routine?


Wednesday, 16 May 2018

My Anxiety Story: One Year On

A year ago I wrote a post... 

... My Anxiety Story. I wrote it with no intention of people reading it but for my own benefit. To help sort my head out, get everything out that had been causing anxiety, to try and look at it logically, find the cause. The root of the problem. It took me months to post but when I did I had such a lovely response it really pushed me into getting on the road to recovery. 

I had the idea to create this blog post to see just how much I had changed.
I would lay it out the same, include a similar photo 1 year on, write it off the top of my head, not go back and edit anything.

Exactly how I did this time last year.

Think of it as a response, speaking back to my 'old self'... As that's what I call it.

 'My Old Self' 

It's weird really as at the time I thought that was me forever. An introverted, self-conscious person who's anxiety defined them. Before beginning to write this blog post I read my old post. Link HERE (I'd advise reading it so this makes a little bit more sense) Now reading my old post makes me a bit emotional, not because of what I wrote but knowing how I felt when all those things were happening. However, I could sense my own determination and optimism as I knew the day I posted that blog post I would begin to recover. 

So, what happened after that blog post?

I had my A Level's remarked and passed! That was a huge relief as it meant I didn't have to sit another torturous exam. However, life still wasn't perfect. The adjustments to my new life knocked my confidence, all the change was very stressful plus I had added stress from other areas in my life which nearly made me back into the shell of a person I was two, three years ago. But then...

I worked a lot! I got my name out there, I went to endless opportunities, interesting interviews, meetings, volunteer positions and training schemes. I took it as a year out from expectations - which you can read more about HERE. I had missed the chance to go to university, I didn't really fancy it anyway nor college and I just wanted to make sure the career option was right for me. 

I then passed my driving test (after a very long time of trying) and bought myself a car, I changed my social circles making loads of new friends and surrounding myself with people I loved to spend time with doing things I loved. 

I then got myself an amazing job, one I would have only dreamt of this time last year. It truly is great so I am glad I didn't end up following the traditional idea of college and university. With all those things going on I don't have time to think. I had shifted my focus on to things that were so positive.


Why is there always a but? I could have just ended it there but recovery is a rollercoaster, a very fast one with a heck of a lot of highs, lows, twists and, turns. There were moments during this time though when I wasn't happy. Moments I thought why am I not happy, everything is great. I'm in a position some people would dream to be in. I'm in the position I dreamed of being in. Why am I not happy?! But it soon became clear why it's because it's my mental health there will always be lows. Moments from the past that catch up with me. Things people might have said, things people might do that take me back to the time. The time that wasn't good.

My mental health has scarred me and that's something else I will have to deal with. The mental scars I can't get rid of but have to push past. Have to keep working on. No one said it would be easy. 

Through working on my mental health I have managed to do so much that I would never have been able to do before which I try to remember. Looking how far I've come in a year is what keeps me going. I can jump on a train or a bus without a second glance, I have visited concerts, arenas, surrounded myself with crowds of people. I have partied, lived my life how I want and not looked back.

There's always going to be those moments of 'here it is again' but I just carry on living by the saying.

Yes, I Can! Yes, I Am! and Yes, I Will!

I feel like I'm in an even better place with my mental health, I know the problems could come back but theres not point worrying about the future no one knows what will happen. I still have regrets from things I missed out on but I'm living in the present and making up for it now as best as I can. 

I've taken the small steps and know I'm striding to the future. 


Monday, 14 May 2018

5 Things That Improved My Mental Health

It's the start of #mentalhealthawarenessweek and to help raise even more attention I thought I would do a few extra blog posts on my experience with my mental health starting with a positive one and hopefully one that helps a few people. 
As a background, if this is the first time you've read my blog, I have anxiety and panic disorder but slowly it is improving. I know the rough patches but I have also seen the light at the end of the tunnel. 

With more highs, lows, twists and, turns than the biggest rollercoaster. 

1. A Focus
This really could be anything, a small focus to help the anxiety at the moment such as watching a film, baking or meditation which are all great in the short term specifically with anxiety. However, the biggest thing that helped my anxiety was a big focus, something I could work on, work towards improving such as my career. I know for others their job is the creator of stress but something similar that you can focus on is a great distraction from many mental health problems. 

2. Cutting Out Negativity
This is the first thing I did on my road to recovery. This time last year I changed my social circles and have never looked back. It really makes a great impact on your life to have positive people around you 24/7. Anyone or anything you think is toxic just cut it out. It might seem hard but trust me its the best decision I ever made. 

3. Do More Of What Makes You Happy
We all have to do things we don't like but when you start agreeing to more things you don't want to do because you feel like you have to opposed to things you'd love to do you need to take a step back from life and assess whats going on as it will make you unhappy. Every day I wake up excited for what's to come and only since then have I seen how far I've come. 

4. Socialising
Some of you might be automatically thinking... parties, loads of people... followed by 'I can't do that' but I don't necessarily mean that - unless of course you love that. But as someone who suffers with anxiety I know a massive club with loads of people isn't a reachable thing to do but even a coffee with a friend is great or just sitting in the garden with a family member. Just having someone (positive) around you can really help improve your outlook on life and you can actually bounce of their energy.

5. Speaking Out 
Finally, one of the most important messages I think from this mental health awareness week and that is talking about it. Talk about it to anyone you trust even someone you don't know. I always used to head to teachers when I was in school as after I while I realised who would listen and support me. But friends, family are great or even seek counselling. 

If you do need help don't be afraid to speak out as its time to change the stigma.

Useful Numbers: Samaritans: 116 123


Sunday, 13 May 2018

My Current Playlist

As I sat thinking of what blog post to write I turned on my Spotify as songs help me get creative and instantly I thought why not share my favourite music. I'm surrounded by music 24/7 where I work it is on, when I'm driving in my car, when I'm working and when I'm relaxing. Basically, if you find me you'll find a song playing. I also have a very eclectic mix of songs from pop to R & B to ballads. Whilst live music and events are my favourite things to spend time at which means I get too listen to even more variety of music.

An artist I will have to mention first is Khalid who's songs are very chilled and relaxing but also have a good, positive dance vibe behind them. His album 'American Teen' has been playing for probably the last six months as I just love the songs particularly 'Location' and '8Teen'. I also love the singles he has been dropping since as you don't have to wait long before he releases the next one with at some points one a week. OTW and Youth with Shawn Mendes are possibly my favourites but out of everyone I have discovered lately, he is by far my favourite.

Talking of Shawn Mendes... Has he ever released a bad song? As I said I have been obsessing over Youth but also Lost In Japan. They are typical pop songs but I adore his voice.

George Ezra has also been a big hit with me the past few months with his new album 'Staying at Tamara's' although I know it's not everyones taste I can't help singing along and can really relate to his songs. Personal favourites have to be 'Paradise' and 'Shotgun'.

Another favourite and I think a lot of other people love her and that's Dua Lipa. Her voice is in my head 24/7 due to her catchy songs... *sings* one kiss is all it takes falling in love with me *tries to stop singing* thank me later now I have that back stuck in your head. But her self-entitled album doesn't have a bad song. Particular favourites include Blow Your Mind and IDGAF.

Throwing it back a little I have been listening to The 1975's first album, let's be real I never stopped as who can get sick of songs like 'Girls', 'Chocolate' and 'Settle Down'. I also have been loving 'Love Me' from their 'I like it when you you sleep for your so beautiful yet you are so unaware of it' award for  the catchiest album title ever - NOT!

Then an even bigger throwback I have been living for songs from when I was young so early 2000's like 'Year 3000' Busted, McFly and older Girls Aloud. I swear these songs will never get old. I also think it's because since I started to drive they are great for a bit of car pool kareoke.

Onto songs that will probably grow old and I won't be a fan of in a couple of months - you know which ones I mean. The over listened to, over played but great songs. 'Playinwitme' KYLE and Kehlani, 'I wanna know' Bea Miller and NOTD, 'Drink About' by Seeb. They are my go to get in the mood for going out. Plus I have also been loving Charlie Puth, Anne- Marie, Drake, Stormzy and J Hus.

As you can tell that's probably the biggest mixture of taste but I suppose thats just due to the fact I'm surrounded by so many influences and artists.

What are your favourite songs at the moment? Any I should be listening to?


Thursday, 10 May 2018

Ultimate Guide To Perfecting Your Smile*

When I meet new people, the first thing I notice about them is their smile, which also means their teeth. As I know I take so much notice of others smiles. I was forever conscious about mine. Like many people, I was raising a hand to partially block my grin or trying to stifle my smile, so it didn’t reveal my teeth specifically in photographs. My buck teeth with a gap and yellowing were my biggest insecurity so to make myself more confident I sorted it out with the help of a brace a few tips and tricks. I even read a load of posts like this which really helped which is why I wanted to share what I did or know works best. While it may not be achieved overnight, you can enhance your dental health and improve the look of your teeth; you just need a lot of perseverance.

Buy A Decent Toothbrush

First things first, seems the most obvious but your toothbrush will be your best friend! 
Get a good one and you will see a major improvement. While you may think that the electric toothbrushes that cost hundreds of pounds are a bit gimmicky, they do clean your teeth exceptionally well. A regular toothbrush can give similar effects specifically alongside a whitening toothpaste. It's great seeing stains lifting from your teeth over a couple of months - I took a before photo and regularly compared to see my progress - seeing the change really does make it worth it. Ensure that you clean your teeth twice a day for at least two minutes at a time. Some toothbrushes are so intuitive that they will notify you when to move on from a given tooth and help you develop safer and more advanced cleaning techniques - it's amazing what technology can do!

Floss Like A Pro

We all know we have to floss regularly, but how many of us actually do it? I know I didn't! 
Flossing takes time, but it is hugely beneficial to your dental health. Developing a routine of brushing and flossing as part of your regular beauty regime will see a massive improvement in your smile. Flossing gets rid of plaque, prevents tartar build-up and will ensure that you don’t develop gum disease. Flossing also freshens our breath and helps us to maintain our oral health throughout the day in between brushing.

Go To The Dentist

Seems an obvious one but many people forget about their teeth and therefore the dentist. Luckily I love a trip to the dentist (I know weird!) but even if you dislike the experience, it’s vital! I head over every 6 months for a checkup and just reassures me everything is ok. If you are virtually phobic, dentists like Natural Smiles, go out of their way to make you feel as relaxed as possible with soothing scents and even a TV loaded up with all of your favourite Netflix box sets to watch during your time in the chair. I found a dentist I get along with and takes their time, talking me through the process of any procedure which really helps or if it involves needles I just tell him to do it without telling me so there's no anticipation!

Quit Smoking

I have never smoked but it's one of the worst things for discolouring your teeth - even if you are a mere social cigarette every now and then, you could be staining your teeth with gunk. Yellow staining from smoking is incredibly hard to remove, so it’s important that you quit your habit. Specialist toothpaste with bicarbonate of soda can be more abrasive to lift stains but they aren't effective enough. Also, it won't just be your smile, but your health as a whole that feels the benefit. Smoking really is dangerous.

Now every time you smile at someone you can ooze with confidence over your pearly whites!


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Sunday, 6 May 2018

Why I am Glad I Took A Year Out

*Captured on a recent trip to Torquay, Devon*
I’m gonna take you back to this time last year - stress, exams, more stress, no idea what to do when I left sixth form and did I mention... stress. It was a time of having panic attacks on a daily basis and hating the fact I couldn’t do what I wanted as I just hadn’t had the opportunity. I then failed my exams, to find they were marked wrong and actually had passed. I didn’t know if I should conform to the ‘you must go to university’ or go with my heart which just screamed get a do what YOU want. 

So that's what I did. I did what I wanted. Not what society did, not what my family wanted but what I wanted and needed. I left the stress behind, managed my anxiety so so so much better and grew so much more confidence in myself and believed I could do what I dreamed. 

I transformed into a different person. Actually no... scrap that... I transformed into the real me, the me I had always strived to be... outgoing, happy and taking every day as it came.

It has been a rocky road- I had knockbacks, some people telling me I was wasting my time, I’m chasing an impossible dream and not living in reality but I’m so much stronger now.

I have done so many things I wanted and many big achievements - I passed my driving test, bought a car, got a new job and another job on top of that doing what I love, traveled and beat anxiety (nearly).

I have worked my socks off not stopping for a day but also have had time to see friends, family and build new connections. 

Some could call it a gap year... maybe a gap year from expectations. But now I won’t go back to university, start a 9-5 job or go back to ‘fitting in’. The year gave me a chance to find myself - as clichè as that sounds. 

I have discovered things I love but also things I hate. I’m also not saying don’t go to university, don’t do a boring office job. I’m saying do what you want no matter how long it takes. There will always be a way.

I am unbelievably grateful for all the opportunities I have had in the past year and those who stood by me throughout it all. I am also glad I took a year out to assess where I want to go and know whatever I decide I will be 100% happy with opposed to this time last year when everything was a rush and I know I would have wondered what the other option would have been like. I have also come to the conclusion even if I don’t get to do something like university I can still always go in 3, 10, 20 years if I really want to and that's the most important thing - wanting to do it.

I’ve been completely realistic from day one and lived to what I can afford and have paid my own way as I know some people would instantly think I'm living off the bank of mom and dad, or I come from a rich background. When I don't. 

I have taken into account all the 'boring adult things' but in a way, I have loved. I'm so so excited for what's to come next and don't believe I would have reached this point any other way.

Have you ever taken a BIG risk that has paid off?


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How To Glam Up Our Most Neglected Feature*

I always think that first impressions are vital and one thing I always forget to glam up are... my hands! When you come to think of it, like our faces, they're always on show. Like our mouths, they do the talking, and many people will see them before anything else. Take that shop assistant who might not look at your face but they're sure to see your hands or even that cute guy in the coffee shop who sees your hand wrapped around the mug.

So we try and perfect other aspects of our appearance but our hands get a rough ride. I personally forget to ever moisturize, hate doing my nails and just generally neglect my mitts. But I'm going to change that... so here are my top tips to make your hands more exciting.

Perfect your nails
Luckily I've never been one to bite my nails but they do break and I find them generally annoying but I do wish they looked nicer. Something as simple as a layer of polish, I personally prefer a nude/ pink shade as it looks natural and not too out there but brighter colours can also look brilliantly glam.
If you struggle to get this right, maybe try a site like for some tips beforehand. But if you're still struggling and chipped varnish or sloppy painting won’t have the right effect or you don’t think you could master paintwork, opt instead for a french-manicure style or go to a salon which is also great for a bit of R & R.

Picture Credit

Add glamour
I LOVE wearing jewellery and specifically rings, straightaway this makes your hands look fantastic
and show people what you’re about when it comes to fashion. If they like what they see on your fingers, they’ll pay attention to the rest of your outfit which always makes my day better if I get a little compliment. That’s not to say you need to go mad, little goes a long way such as on, making maximum impact with as little as one or two rings. Maybe even add a bracelet, and your hands will be the most glam in the land.

Soft as a baby’s bottom
While not everyone you meet is going to touch your hands, some will. I know if I go to a job interview I'm always conscious of how they feel (even though most of the time they are clammy from the nerves!) But I do want my skin to be soft. Even if you don’t intend to touch anyone, hydration can leave your hands looking smoother. And, let’s be honest; all other efforts would go to waste if your skin looked rough as sandpaper so I use a moisturiser every night. might help you pick the perfect one for you. Like me get into the habit of using this often, and your skin hydration issues will become a thing of the past.

How do you keep your hands looking glam?


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