Tuesday, 1 May 2018

How To Glam Up Our Most Neglected Feature*

I always think that first impressions are vital and one thing I always forget to glam up are... my hands! When you come to think of it, like our faces, they're always on show. Like our mouths, they do the talking, and many people will see them before anything else. Take that shop assistant who might not look at your face but they're sure to see your hands or even that cute guy in the coffee shop who sees your hand wrapped around the mug.

So we try and perfect other aspects of our appearance but our hands get a rough ride. I personally forget to ever moisturize, hate doing my nails and just generally neglect my mitts. But I'm going to change that... so here are my top tips to make your hands more exciting.

Perfect your nails
Luckily I've never been one to bite my nails but they do break and I find them generally annoying but I do wish they looked nicer. Something as simple as a layer of polish, I personally prefer a nude/ pink shade as it looks natural and not too out there but brighter colours can also look brilliantly glam.
If you struggle to get this right, maybe try a site like www.glamour.com for some tips beforehand. But if you're still struggling and chipped varnish or sloppy painting won’t have the right effect or you don’t think you could master paintwork, opt instead for a french-manicure style or go to a salon which is also great for a bit of R & R.

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Add glamour
I LOVE wearing jewellery and specifically rings, straightaway this makes your hands look fantastic
and show people what you’re about when it comes to fashion. If they like what they see on your fingers, they’ll pay attention to the rest of your outfit which always makes my day better if I get a little compliment. That’s not to say you need to go mad, little goes a long way such as on https://diamondexpert.com/, making maximum impact with as little as one or two rings. Maybe even add a bracelet, and your hands will be the most glam in the land.

Soft as a baby’s bottom
While not everyone you meet is going to touch your hands, some will. I know if I go to a job interview I'm always conscious of how they feel (even though most of the time they are clammy from the nerves!) But I do want my skin to be soft. Even if you don’t intend to touch anyone, hydration can leave your hands looking smoother. And, let’s be honest; all other efforts would go to waste if your skin looked rough as sandpaper so I use a moisturiser every night. www.totalbeauty.com might help you pick the perfect one for you. Like me get into the habit of using this often, and your skin hydration issues will become a thing of the past.

How do you keep your hands looking glam?


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  1. This is a very interesting post, thank you. It just goes to show how our hands are an important part of us, yet we neglect them the most.