Thursday, 24 May 2018

Is It Ever Too Early To Start Using Anti - Ageing Products?*

Anti-ageing skincare is a very big business at the moment. You only need to glance down an aisle in your local drugstore to see that; lotions, potions, serums, face masks, and everything else under the sun— all targeted at turning back the clock. I always associated it with something for women over 50 who don't like their wrinkles so if you're like me and under 30 you probably think the products are quite baffling. Should you use them? Do you need to turn back the clock, when your skin is yet to show any signs of ageing? Do these products even work?

Prevention is better than cure
There definitely isn't any harm in using anti-ageing skincare before your skin shows signs of ageing. People in the skincare industry often say prevention is better than any cure, so the earlier the start the better, the less likely we'll experience problems in the future?


We know it's going to happen, its a fact of nature. Our skin loses collagen as we age, so fine lines and wrinkles form. Usually, a good skincare routine can't ever stop that which is why many people choose a cosmetic clinic for more reliable results, but this isn't for everyone. As a result of this, it’s vital to remember that anti-ageing skincare is useful, but it’s not a guarantee.

So don’t spend a fortune
I personally wouldn't spend a lot of money on anti- ageing skincare purely due to my age as even with the best will in the world your skin is still going to age to a degree, so there’s little point in sacrificing huge amounts of money to try and prevent an occurrence that we know will definitely happen.

Beneficial products to try
If you still want to try an anti- ageing product but without breaking the bank then your best bet is AHA or BHAs. Most notably, glycolic acid, which offers a whole host of benefits to your skin as well as some elements of anti-ageing protection.

Beware the snake oil
Unfortunately, many brands produce skincare products that they can overcome biology and eliminate any sign of ageing. Don't trust these claims. They are simply untrue. The whole body ages not just your appearance so it's simply impossible.

Forgo the anti-ageing products if you’re young and on a budget
So overall preventative measures are nice but the simple fact is, there's no particular need for you to use specific anti-ageing products it’s important to remember that there aren’t that many benefits either. If you do want to include an anti-ageing element in your skincare, look for a product that also offers numerous additional benefits rather than just focusing on anti-ageing alone.

When I look for skincare products I always reach for a moisturiser which is a very good alternative for anti-ageing as keeping your skin hydrated will always be the best option and prevent ageing from dehydration.


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