Sunday, 13 May 2018

My Current Playlist

As I sat thinking of what blog post to write I turned on my Spotify as songs help me get creative and instantly I thought why not share my favourite music. I'm surrounded by music 24/7 where I work it is on, when I'm driving in my car, when I'm working and when I'm relaxing. Basically, if you find me you'll find a song playing. I also have a very eclectic mix of songs from pop to R & B to ballads. Whilst live music and events are my favourite things to spend time at which means I get too listen to even more variety of music.

An artist I will have to mention first is Khalid who's songs are very chilled and relaxing but also have a good, positive dance vibe behind them. His album 'American Teen' has been playing for probably the last six months as I just love the songs particularly 'Location' and '8Teen'. I also love the singles he has been dropping since as you don't have to wait long before he releases the next one with at some points one a week. OTW and Youth with Shawn Mendes are possibly my favourites but out of everyone I have discovered lately, he is by far my favourite.

Talking of Shawn Mendes... Has he ever released a bad song? As I said I have been obsessing over Youth but also Lost In Japan. They are typical pop songs but I adore his voice.

George Ezra has also been a big hit with me the past few months with his new album 'Staying at Tamara's' although I know it's not everyones taste I can't help singing along and can really relate to his songs. Personal favourites have to be 'Paradise' and 'Shotgun'.

Another favourite and I think a lot of other people love her and that's Dua Lipa. Her voice is in my head 24/7 due to her catchy songs... *sings* one kiss is all it takes falling in love with me *tries to stop singing* thank me later now I have that back stuck in your head. But her self-entitled album doesn't have a bad song. Particular favourites include Blow Your Mind and IDGAF.

Throwing it back a little I have been listening to The 1975's first album, let's be real I never stopped as who can get sick of songs like 'Girls', 'Chocolate' and 'Settle Down'. I also have been loving 'Love Me' from their 'I like it when you you sleep for your so beautiful yet you are so unaware of it' award for  the catchiest album title ever - NOT!

Then an even bigger throwback I have been living for songs from when I was young so early 2000's like 'Year 3000' Busted, McFly and older Girls Aloud. I swear these songs will never get old. I also think it's because since I started to drive they are great for a bit of car pool kareoke.

Onto songs that will probably grow old and I won't be a fan of in a couple of months - you know which ones I mean. The over listened to, over played but great songs. 'Playinwitme' KYLE and Kehlani, 'I wanna know' Bea Miller and NOTD, 'Drink About' by Seeb. They are my go to get in the mood for going out. Plus I have also been loving Charlie Puth, Anne- Marie, Drake, Stormzy and J Hus.

As you can tell that's probably the biggest mixture of taste but I suppose thats just due to the fact I'm surrounded by so many influences and artists.

What are your favourite songs at the moment? Any I should be listening to?


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