Wednesday, 30 May 2018

My Driving Experience: The Importance of Tyre Health*

(This isn't my usual car - I had a go in a sports car and really liked the photo aha) 
A few months ago I passed my driving test and I wrote about my experience of learning to drive - you can read about it HERE. Since then I bought my first car and I was super happy about it and built up loads of confidence when driving it - maybe a little bit too much... As then two weeks ago I hit the curb as I turned the corner causing some serious damage. 
Now I don't know a lot about cars so after I did it, I took a look but not much looked damaged except the alloy so I continued to drive it for the next few days before thinking to myself what if it's not safe. It's a good job I stopped driving it and took it to my local garage as it turned out it wasn't such a 'small accident' I had cut the tyre and there was some bulging. The local garage was so surprised it hadn't gone flat or even burst so I could have been in some serious trouble!
As I could have been in some serious trouble all because I didn't know much about the working of the car it made me sure I would always visit my local garage if I was ever in doubt, specifically when it comes to tyres. From this, I have also found a few tips about tyre safety as I am sure many of you like me can drive but don't understand the workings of a car. 

Tyre Pressure
This was something I thought I was actually pretty good at checking as you can get a little device to do it at home but home check-ups aren't always that great as I found my other wheels weren't quite up to scratch. The tyre pressure should be stated in your car manual and is slightly higher in your front tyres to the back tyres. Some garages even check tyres for free so its definitely worth taking it to be checked!

Quality Of Tyres
On my driving test, I remember there was a question that the examiner asked querying me on what to look out for on my tyres and I had a rehearsed answer of 'cuts, punctures, slices and bulges' but let me tell you I had no idea what any of them really looked like and how to make sure they were in good quality. I also remember the tread had to be 1.6 mm but what was I supposed to do get a ruler out and check every part of the tyre? It's good knowing the information but putting it into practice is something I knew nothing about.

Accident Damage
I suppose I should have got my wheel checked straight after my little incident but as I looked they appeared fine with an unprofessional eye. I just keep thinking though what would I have done if on my usual commute to work (which includes a motorway) the tyre had of burst.

Talk To The Professionals
After my incident, I visited my local garage where he knew a lot about tyres to find that the damage was a lot worse than what I had first thought. This damage probably wouldn't have been as bad if I had gone as soon as I had a problem but driving around had put unneeded pressure on my car. Also, going to your local tyre professional can mean you don't have to drive really far to get your tyres fitted which for me was essential. This will save you time and money and of course be less risk to your personal safety. There are many local depots which make sure that you are able to locate a centre near to your specific location - for example, if you are in Somerset or other UK areas, Point S lets you book tyres online instantly. 

Beware of Future Problems
You don't want to be like me and facing no car for a week while it's in the garage. So visiting a local tyre expert will really save you time and money. Plus why put yourself at risk for the sake of an hour at a garage to make sure you are 100% safe. 

This post was a little bit different to my usual but I hope you enjoyed it just the same but I wanted to turn my unlucky, dangerous situation into something positive and help anyone who also might not know what to do if in a similar position.
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