Sunday, 6 May 2018

Why I am Glad I Took A Year Out

*Captured on a recent trip to Torquay, Devon*
I’m gonna take you back to this time last year - stress, exams, more stress, no idea what to do when I left sixth form and did I mention... stress. It was a time of having panic attacks on a daily basis and hating the fact I couldn’t do what I wanted as I just hadn’t had the opportunity. I then failed my exams, to find they were marked wrong and actually had passed. I didn’t know if I should conform to the ‘you must go to university’ or go with my heart which just screamed get a do what YOU want. 

So that's what I did. I did what I wanted. Not what society did, not what my family wanted but what I wanted and needed. I left the stress behind, managed my anxiety so so so much better and grew so much more confidence in myself and believed I could do what I dreamed. 

I transformed into a different person. Actually no... scrap that... I transformed into the real me, the me I had always strived to be... outgoing, happy and taking every day as it came.

It has been a rocky road- I had knockbacks, some people telling me I was wasting my time, I’m chasing an impossible dream and not living in reality but I’m so much stronger now.

I have done so many things I wanted and many big achievements - I passed my driving test, bought a car, got a new job and another job on top of that doing what I love, traveled and beat anxiety (nearly).

I have worked my socks off not stopping for a day but also have had time to see friends, family and build new connections. 

Some could call it a gap year... maybe a gap year from expectations. But now I won’t go back to university, start a 9-5 job or go back to ‘fitting in’. The year gave me a chance to find myself - as clichè as that sounds. 

I have discovered things I love but also things I hate. I’m also not saying don’t go to university, don’t do a boring office job. I’m saying do what you want no matter how long it takes. There will always be a way.

I am unbelievably grateful for all the opportunities I have had in the past year and those who stood by me throughout it all. I am also glad I took a year out to assess where I want to go and know whatever I decide I will be 100% happy with opposed to this time last year when everything was a rush and I know I would have wondered what the other option would have been like. I have also come to the conclusion even if I don’t get to do something like university I can still always go in 3, 10, 20 years if I really want to and that's the most important thing - wanting to do it.

I’ve been completely realistic from day one and lived to what I can afford and have paid my own way as I know some people would instantly think I'm living off the bank of mom and dad, or I come from a rich background. When I don't. 

I have taken into account all the 'boring adult things' but in a way, I have loved. I'm so so excited for what's to come next and don't believe I would have reached this point any other way.

Have you ever taken a BIG risk that has paid off?



  1. Thanks for sharing this. I have several friends who took years out from sixth form or uni, and a couple of years down the line, it was definitely the right decision! Best of luck to you! As for me, I left one job, turned down another job offer, and ended up living in Vietnam, where I am now. It's been a fantastic opportunity! :)

    1. Wow that is a big risk! Glad it's worked out for you!

  2. Very happy that your year out has worked so well for you Katie!

    1. Thank you, I know a lot of people would see it as a big risk not worth taking but ive loved it

  3. This is such a lovely post! Its lovely to see the opportunities this brings many young individuals! I enjoyed reading this!

  4. A year out is totally worth it. Its always good to relax, travel the world and do what you want. Its a good opportunity for self reflection too.