Sunday, 3 June 2018

June Goals!

Can you believe we are nearly, half way through 2018?! It's crazy, so much has happened so far this year and I couldn't be more grateful. I absolutely love writing these types of posts as it gives a real focus for the month and pushes me to actually achieving what I aim for.

Goal 1 - Book a Holiday 
The weather in the UK has been very very nice over the past few weeks but it has made me crave a holiday - sea, sand and sun is all I need right now and that definitely means a holiday. Also, I have never been to a different country so it's something I want to tick off my bucket list - Any places you recommend me visiting that aren't too far away but have a lot to see leave them in the comments!

Goal 2 - Start Writing More
I love writing, that's why I do this blog. I love just putting everything in my head into writing but I also love being creative and its hard to find a balance on here as I feel I sometimes restrict my own creativity for the simple reason people might not like it - but I'm going to change that, I also want to maybe try writing a story of some kind as being an author of a book is one of my all-time goals. 

Goal 3 - Focus on YouTube 
I planned this for May but with my new job and just general life getting in the way I have had to put it off for yet another month. I really enjoyed the process of talking to the camera whilst filming then editing. I loved putting my love for media into practice in another way and showing my personality and creativity that is usually limited by my blog. 

Goal 4 - Spend More Time With Family and Friends
As I briefly mentioned life has been pretty hectic lately so this has led to spending very limited time with my extended family such as my grandparents and also friends. I have had to cancel so many plans and haven't had time to stop to realise how they must feel so I'm going to change that as I feel so bad. 

Goal 5 - Go To The Gym Twice A Week
In May I joined the gym and I have, to my surprise, been really enjoying it. I don't go to hardcore but just enough exercise to improve my stamina and maybe be a little bit fitter. If you'd like some fitness posts let me know!

Goal 6 - Have an Amazing Birthday 
On the 9th June, it's my birthday! I'm very excited as per usual and despite the heavy workload. I have managed to get the day off but will work either side so I'm determined to make the best of it.

What are your June Goals?


  1. Great goals
    especially love the first one its so worth it just getting away for awhile
    enjoy all of your goals !

  2. My June goals are to go swimming a few times this month (we went this month - and it was lovely) and to keep active where I can.

    1. Sounds great! I can't swim but i'll definitely stay active x