Thursday, 28 June 2018

My Weekend in Stratford - Upon - Avon

A couple of weeks ago it was my birthday! As per usual I got very excited and wanted to do something however, this year I went for something a little bit more relaxing (shows I'm getting old!) and visited the birth place of Mr William Shakespeare (not that I went for this reason... is that bad?|!) My day was full of sun, river cruises and amazing food, including a very nice ice cream and huge birthday cake! I started the day off with a full english breakfast because if you can't on your birthday... when can you? Just going to let you into a little secret, I used that as my excuse 99% of the day! I then hopped straight on to the river boat and had a tour of the river. This was so lovely and relaxing and exactly what I needed as it was time to completely switch off. I then walked past a few landmarks and statues - one of which was called 'Young Will' where it took me a few minutes to work out who on earth Will was *blonde moment* I then finished the day off in a beer garden at a pub. 

I absolutely fell in love with Stratford Upon Avon for its quaint buildings and how relaxing it was to sit by the river. I would say there wasn't that much to do in terms of what interests me but to chill with friends or family I would certainly recommend.

Outfit details:
Stripy Trousers - Pretty Little Thing
1994 T-shirt - New Look
Shoes - All Black Converse
Bag - H & M



  1. I'm actually in Stratford this weekend - but that is because I love Shakespeare haha! Hope you had a lovely time!

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