Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Day I Dressed Like Barbie

At heart, I will forever be a girly girl. Whenever I see any clothing in a bright pink colour I automatically start thinking about how I can wear it and this beauty of a skirt was no different.

There's nothing about this skirt that I don't like, the pink colour is so pretty and cute but eye-catching, I love the fact it's leather as it makes it that little bit more different and it was a great price at £20 in the sale. It's definitely one of those items that I throw on and feel so good in. I just love it! 

I paired it with this white 'Made in the Nineties' t-shirt from New Look which cost a small price of £6.99, I then tied the front as I do love a crop top and then matched the outfit with some nude heeled sandals. After I'd pieced it together and looked in the mirror all I could think is this is an outfit that would come with a Barbie doll which made my inner 90's child scream with happiness.

I kept the make up pretty simple with a nude lip and then wore some large rose gold aviator sunglasses and minimal silver jewellery. As you can tell in this outfit is very much pink, barbie inspired, summery and did I mention... pink!



  1. I absolutely love that shirt and I would snatch it up real quick. But, I was made in the eighties.

    Adorable outfit! x


  2. That skirt is so cute Katie!

  3. Omg!!! I love this outfit so so so much!!