Friday, 29 June 2018

Ways To Refresh Your Glass Of Water*

Recently I have been on a health kick and drinking plenty of water has been a big part of this. I try and drink 2 litres a day as this is the average amount for an adult and I have definitely noticed a difference in my energy, skin and general mood. It's easier said than done to drink that much water every day if you like me can find it a bit boring - I'd much prefer something fruity as the tastelessness leaves me a little bit deflated. However, I have found a few solutions!

Put ice in it
I don't know if it's just me but adding ice to a glass of water instantly makes the glass of water more interesting, a couple of cubes and you're good to go - especially if they are flavoured or have fruit in! There’s something about chilled water which is just amazingly refreshing and it is the perfect thing to have on hand during these hot summer days.

Use a filter
Now then, this is where I may split opinions but not all water tastes the same! I much preferred bottled water but this is not environmentally nor economically friendly - with everything from the water to the bottle itself but if like me the taste of tap water is sometimes a little bit off-putting. I drink a lot more water at work, but here the water is filtered and you can do the same at home with water softeners and filters, and you can see some reviews to make sure you pick the right one for you.

Add fruit
The easiest way to make water more interesting and give it a bit of flavour is to add in some fruit. Fresh fruit can make water more sweet, tangy and juicy, and you will enjoy the flavour much more than a boring glass on its own. My favourite fruit to add to water is lemon. However, if you don’t like lemon you can also add strawberry, lime or orange. There are countless combinations so you can experiment and find the perfect one for you.

Mint it
I only recently discovered this but you can add a couple of mint leaves into your glass of water. I prefer peppermint as it offers a lovely taste to the water and makes me feel fresh and cool. This is the ideal pick for these sunny days.

Spice it up
I've never tried this but think it sounds so cool but you can try adding some spices to your water for anti-inflammatory purposes as well as to detox the body. The most common spice to add to water is cinnamon because of its sweet taste, but you can also add grated ginger or turmeric to your morning drink for a detoxing effect and to boost your metabolism. A wonderful kick could be added to your lemon water in the morning with some cayenne pepper.

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