Sunday, 8 July 2018

Current Make- up Favourites

It's definitely been a while since I reached for my make - up to take photos of it for my blog but I just felt like going back to the roots of this blog and sharing my current favourites. To be honest, I fell out of love with makeup, I still wear it 95% of the days but I haven't really tested out anything new. These, however, have stuck with me over the past months and seem to be the only products I ever reach for. 
Too Faced Eyeshadow Palette - Natural Matte 
I remember this palette was so popular in about 2012 with every Blogger, YouTuber and their mothers using this but I never thought to pick it up as I always included a shimmer shade on my lid and therefore always picked up a palette that could create a whole look. Now I have gone in the complete opposite direction and rarely wear a shimmer so this is the perfect everyday palette. Plus if I do fancy a shimmer I just use this to deepen the crease.

Urban Decay Beach Bronzer - Bronzed
This is my most recent makeup discovery, but as soon as I used it for the first time I was in love. It is one of those shades I think would suit virtually everyone and blends effortlessly. As you can tell it's been very well loved and I have already bought another one! I do need a new better bronzer brush so please leave recommendations in the comments.
L'Oreal Paradise Waterproof Mascara 
For the summer I always rely on L'Oreal's waterproof formulas so when I saw there was this new one sitting on the shelf I grabbed it without hesitation. Claiming volume and length. What more could a girl want? It lives up to those claims and I love it! It's a little bit clumpy so if you're not a fan of that then this might not be for you but the volume and length are unreal. Plus the waterproof formula is even better than I have ever experienced before as I actually got my face soaking wet and it was still perfectly in place (it comes off super easy when I take my makeup off though)! 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade - Soft Brown
I have used this for about a year now, every single day. I love it so much I haven't even bothered to try anything on my brows since as I love it. A pot lasts about a year as I have just started my second so is definitely worth the price. The first time I used it was a disaster as I didn't know how much to use but I quickly got used to it and is great to get any size or shape brow.

Rimmel Lip Liner - Eastend Snob 
Back when I did weekly makeup posts I think I raved about this lip liner. I was and still am obsessed with this low cost super long wearing lip colour. All I ever seem to wear on my lips is a pinky nude so this matched all my go-to lipsticks. Its longevity is amazing too. I couldn't complain about anythign to do with this product and that's saying something!

What are your current makeup favourites?


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