Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Standing On My Own Two Feet*

Over the past couple of months I have had a reoccurring thought of... I would love to live in my own place. I feel like having my own place would be the first step to independence, a home that is fully mine to decorate how I want, to do whatever I want, when I want with no one else to really think about. Of course, I know it's not all sunshine and rainbows and there a lot of challenges so I have started to get as prepared as possible but I can never find anything on the internet that is relevant to what I am after in terms of the pro's and con's so I thought I'd create my own ideas before I go it alone.

Can I Afford It?

This is of course the biggest deciding factor as the jump from living at home to my own place will be drastically different in cost. You need your own source of income and earn enough to cover your rent, bills and any extras such as a car. Then there's the food which can be more expensive than you might think plus there's the toiletries and of course you have to be able to enjoy your life so need money left over for trips out. I started to work out my money and what bills are likely to be so I could see how much rent I could afford to depict what kind of properties I could afford and whether I would need a couple of house mates. Don’t choose a place that uses every spare penny you have, give yourself some room for the occasional unexpected bill or expense. Spending a little time before you move saving up and keeping a rainy day fund is always a good idea too.

Can I Look After Myself?
If it was down to me I'd eat takeaways all the while, my diet would not be at all balanced nor nutritious as my cooking ability is absolutely disgraceful however I am definitely a pro at washing, ironing and cleaning so I wasn't at a total loss! With lots of challenges along the way I will learn as I go, and probably use Google more than I should... plus my mom's always on the other end of the phone! But having the basics nailed before setting out alone made good sense so I bought myself a cookbook and have started practicing making some cheap, healthy and quick meals.

Is Now The Right Time?
A lot of my friends have started moving out and it has pushed me to think the same but it doesn't always mean you have to aswell. Its a HUGE decision so I won't be taking it lightly. Talk to family and friends - maybe even a tarot phone reading ! I don't really rely on my family a lot and so for me it doesn't seem to matter as much but if you do or don't like being on your own it's bound to make you miserable. Don’t rush it, wait until it feels right for you.

Have you considered moving out of your parents? What are the pros and cons?

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