Wednesday, 1 August 2018

August Goals

How is it already August?! We are more than halfway through the year which is crazy! I have had a strange month in terms of some moments being amazing and others being not so good. As usual, I have worked a lot but have learned to make the most of every moment. My grandad sadly went in and out of a hospital during the month which has been tough. I have also spent a lot of time with friends and have finally got back into my YouTube channel - I have filmed a few videos, the first one is up Friday and if you would like you can subscribe HERE (cheeky self-promo!)

1. Further my presenting career

As I started a new job this has took a serious step backwards, I was absolutely loving doing the odd presenting job and my regular show but I just couldn’t fit it in and didn’t prioritise it enough as it wasn’t progressing as fast as the other side of my career which made it slip but presenting was and is the thing I enjoy the most and want to progress.

2. Take some time off

As I sit here writing this, it is 10:48pm on a Saturday night which kind of proves the extent of my workload and I can finally say it has begun to catch up with me. I am so so tired and I really think it is time for a couple of days of completely chilling out. I think I 'm going to book a couple of trips with friends even if it's just for the day so I can rest and relax before going back to the daily grind!

3. Do things I enjoy

I really want August to be a month where I go and see amazing places and do some great things, spend time with family and friends and enjoy myself. I also want to start being a bit more selfish and doing what I want as I have found recently i have been people-pleasing way too much and it is negatively impacting me.

4. Reduce the unhealthy meals

With my busy schedule comes, eating on the go and therefore very unhealthy quick options which often comes as a McDonald's drive-thru. The day when I had 3 McDonalds was the point I questioned what was happening, It has also made me lack energy and feel incredibly off so throughout August, fast food is on a ban and I am going to try and eat a lot more home-cooked healthy dinners. 

What are your goals for August?



  1. McDonalds three times in one day is not good - we are trying to eat a bit healthier here with mixed results!

  2. Your August goals sound wonderful! They should help your over all sense of wellbeing. I'm afraid I haven't accomplished anything on my own To-do list so far.
    P.S.: I like your recent YouTube video titled "Life Update"! You are very relaxed on camera -a natural! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel.

    P.P.S.: I just did my first post in 10 months titled National Underwear Day 2018, Panties in the News, Panty Modelling Fail, Thanks to Commenters

    1. I'm hoping it does! Thank you so much for supporting me :-) xx