Sunday, 30 September 2018

October Goals!

September has been an interesting month, it is my least favourite month of the year as there's the low from the summer and not quite the fun that comes with Autumn, Winter and yes... I'm going to say it... Christmas! However, apart from a few issues I have thoroughly enjoyed the month as I managed to have a couple of days off from doing anything which I needed after over - working. I have now regained my love and passion for work and life. I have managed to get organised. I wouldn't say I managed to eat healthily but I have made a conscious decision to be a lot better with my diet. So all is good! 

Have a cosy night in

This is a random one but as I have found in September if I take time for myself it has made me happier and means that I enjoy the things I'm doing more as I'm less tired and have a much more positive mindset.

Do something for Halloween

I love Halloween but usually it will slip by and I kind of forget to do anything, so this year I am determined to do as much for Halloween as possible. I really fancy going to another Scarefest where there are mazes with things that jump out or even a film night with friends.

Write about what I love

The reason I stopped blogging for a couple of weeks was because I was reassessing what I really wanted to do as I had kind of lost the direction I was heading in. Everything felt rushed, unfinished and just overall not the quality I wanted. I have found if I write what I love then maybe this would change.


I've always been good at saving, but I am also incredibly good at buying clothes. The two definitely don't mix but I am just going to set myself more of a budget so I can save even more which means I can move in the direction I want in life.

What are your October Goals?

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