Hey, I'm Katie the face behind the blog your on right now - Katie Lou! I'm 18 years old with a love of lipsticks, baking, puppies and everything in between. 

I began this blog in 2013 at just 14 years old so a lot's changed since then! I was still in school, hadn't grew into my huge teeth, little fashion sense and I had no idea what I was doing... so maybe not that much has changed at all! 

However one thing that definitely hasn't changed is I'm still having fun!

So expect to see my face once or twice a week usually a Wednesday and Sunday (but don't hold me to that) posting about fun (and not so fun) things life has threw at me, new purchases, outfits, my latest baking creation plus much much more.

Ooh and I also do a YouTube channel so if you enjoy it over here maybe you'll like that too and if not... well... I don't really know what to suggest...

And finally together lets

Turn our can'ts into can's and dreams into plans.

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