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I am PR friendly! So is you would like to have me work for your company let me know on my business e-mail:

Just to let you know I buy the majority of products I use in this blog with my own money but occasionally I am given products for free so I have decided to put an asterisk (*) after product names if I did not purchase them. I will also place AD in the title if I am paid to mention any products and ad in the labels if any of the products contained in the post have been gifted to me.

All opinions I write on my blog are my own and if you do disagree don't be shy let me know your opinions or suggestions.

Also all photos are my own unless otherwise stated, so please ask for permission for use.

I would happily advertise you, whether another blog or a brand, I would do this with a small payment per month.

If you would like to advertise on my blog please let me know using my business email-

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