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20 Things to do in Self Isolation

Well, it's looking like our Summer plans have well and truly gone out the window. But we can do this and for now, while plans are on hold, remember there really is no place like home.

Here's 20 Things to do as we quarantine...

1. Clean out the wardrobe... That top you've not worn since 2010, time to get rid

2. Grab a book from that ever-growing 'to be read' pile

3. Bake... and realise there's a reason you never entered GBBO

4. Catch some sun... in the garden

5. Think about getting a puppy... a dog's not just for isolation though.

6. Complete a Puzzle

7. Crack the games out... just don't fall out over Monopoly

8. Get jealous of your neighbours on their one exercise of the day when you've already had yours

9. Have a Movie Marathon... who said you've seen Harry Potter too many times before? No one

10. Wash the car... again

11. Videocall the besties and spend half the time wondering who's got the worst wifi

12. Download Disney + ( I might as well finish the list here)

13. Tidy the house *collective eye roll*

14. Learn a new skill... who'd have thought we'd actually need hobbies one day!

15. Clean those makeup brushes

16. Make a bucket list. We will leave these four walls... one day.

17. Get your DIY on

18. Spy on animals at the zoo! Cute!

19. Put a padlock on the fridge... supplies need to be rationed!

20. Stay at Home!!

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