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3 Ways to Style a Slogan Tee

I love a slogan tee, I think over the past few months I have worn them every single day one way or another. So, if you are looking for a new way to style the piece that everyone has in their wardrobe I may have just the answer!

The Classic Jean's & a Tee Look

Now, I know I said that I was going to give you new inspo and the likelihood is you've been wearing this combo since you were in nappies. I just love wearing this too much to not mention it. I was never a massive fan of blue jeans, I was always a black jeans girl but struggled to make them not look basic. The key I have found is a brilliantly fitted pair of jeans, these from ASOS are super skinny and high waisted - my go to's - with this I paired an oversized white tee with Beverly Hills in red from isawitfirst.com . A pair of white converse and a black belt from Primark later you have yourself a perfect everyday outfit.

The Cutsy Skirt & Slogan Tee

Possibly my favourite of all the looks is an A-line skirt and tied t-shirt. When I found this outfit I was in one of those 'I have nothing to wear moods' and was really trying to find a new combination of things in my wardrobe that went together so I didn't have to keep buying a new item every time I wanted to switch things up. Primark have an array of A-Line skirts so is always my go to, also having quite a lot of slogan tee's so potential this could be a very affordable outfit! The skirt here is in fact from Primark but the top is from Newlook. As I love the 90's and most importantly was born in the 90's I couldn't think of anything better. I also love the navy with the burgundy colour. As I am not 100% girly, I did throw on a leather jacket. Whilst the change in weather at the moment has made me pull out the Chelsea boots which I love! These are from ASOS and are just standard black pointed toes with a slight block heel - I never take these off!

The I Tried To Be Stylish Slogan Tee

We all know I love a pair of patterned trousers and with a slogan tee my everyday, comfy outfit couldn't get much better. Throw any monochrome trousers on with any tee and I'm good to go. This bright pink NYC one is from Topshop and looks great tied - as do most slogan tees - and the trousers are from isawitfirst.com they are unbelievably comfortable! I then put on a black denim jacket also from I saw it first and again my Chelsea boots as I really never take them off!


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