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An Adventure in York

A bank holiday is usually prime time to fill in as much work as possible, I mean what's better than holding an event in the summers sun of an August Bank Holiday, but this year I took a step back, a few weeks prior I had reached a point where I needed to re-evaluate as I had well and truly worn myself down in the hectic summer, so surely I could allow myself just two days off. So with these two days I took a trip up to York, I had never been and hadn't really heard all that much about it other than there was a river and a cathedral. Sure there was but in the unpredicted 31 degrees heat we discovered a wealth of hidden gems.

We stayed in the Elmbank Hotel, booked on a complete whim as it looked pretty in the pictures and it was such a grand place. York is known for the old buildings, but when we first walked in it was old fashioned and maybe a little spooky but, first impressions were soon changed by the gorgeous rooms, with huge comfy beds, a shower that came down like a waterfall and just beautiful decor but of course, we couldn't stay there all weekend. There was exploring to be done!

York as a walled city had beautiful architecture, so we walked across the wall as I hoped to not fall off, down the river and up the high street. Taking in the beautiful sights until we realised my lack of sense of direction had led to us walking around in circles! We stopped for lunch, which of course had to be the infamous Yorkshire Pudding Wrap and Oh... it was amazing! As a fan of a roast and a lover of a yorkie pud, I had high hopes and definitely wasn't let down.

First stop was York Minster which was beautiful, a couple were even getting married there as we passed, it looked the wedding of dreams! Then I went down to Shambles, the little narrow lanes of York where I was pleasantly surprised to find many shops dedicated to Harry Potter. 'the shop that mustn't be named' at number 9 3/4, it was pun city and I was all for it. My Dad then insisted we went to the viking centre which wouldn't usually be my cup of tea but was quite interesting to see all the archaeology digs from around the city.

Into the evening, we wanted to experience all the ghostly goings on in York but as we had walked getting onto 15,000 steps that day we opted for a ghostly bus ride. The bus was decked out with old furnishings and a creepy, comedic conductor. As we drove the bus stopped at various points of interest and we got told the eerie goings on from hangings to beheadings to people living in the walls. It was very interesting, however on these things they always pick on someone and of course that someone was... me. With a few loud bangs, jump scares and hilarious comments. I was the chosen one which for me made it all the more fun.

The following day we decided to go and see some attractions, a toss up between York Dungeons, the Chocolate factory and a river cruise. We all decided on the dungeons but in hind sight we definitely could have done with a third day. The dungeons were great, as part of Merlin Attractions it was guaranteed to be a good time. Into the afternoon we stopped off for a bite to eat, a final walk around the river and then back home we went. York was truly a lovely place and very picturesque as you can see by the photos. I am so glad I took the time out from work and completely switched off for a couple of days, would 100% recommend!

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