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April Goals

Whenever a new month comes round I always create a list of goals, as the smaller focuses every month help me feel like I'm working to a bigger goal that otherwise can feel slightly overwhelming or unachievable. I also think it's incredibly important to set a personal goal, something that is a bit more about self care as otherwise you can get to the end of a month and realise you've not took a moment to reflect, neglected people and just generally been too busy! I did this for March and although I didn't share my goals at the start of the month you can see how I got on with it all here.

1. Create a Demo

If you read my tips on starting out in radio, creating a demo was top of my list. I do have one but since then I have had a lot more practice and feel I could really do with an updated one.

2. Go to the gym three times a week

I have always liked the idea of the gym, but getting the motivation to go has been impossible but recently my friends have pulled through and instead of encouraging each other to go for a McDonalds, it's time to go to the gym... Maybe a McDonalds afterwards but it's all about balance and all that!

3. Book in Summer events

I have a few coming up but I really need to get a few more booked in. As a freelancer I know there will be peaks and troughs in event season so I'm taking every opportunity I can in the summer to get the work.

4. Do something new

It's so easy to get stuck into a routine but I love doing something new and realised I haven't for a while. I also find it really benefits my mental health too as I'm pushing the boundaries I thought I had and therefore proving to myself I'm stronger than I believed. Hopefully I can book a trip to a new place or work somewhere entirely new.

5. Focus on what's important

In March I got caught up on things that I shouldn't. What will be, will be and I spent far too long trying to change things that were out of my control, looking forward not back. Even though this sounds a relatively small goal I believe it's possibly going to be the hardest for me to achieve.

What are your goals for April?

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